Demi Lovato pulls nude photo prank on her Twitter followers

By April Chieffo,

Many young stars have found themselves at the center of an embarrassing nude photo scandal, but 20-year-old “Skyscraper” singer, Demi Lovato’s photo scandal was just for laughs.

Early Wednesday, the X Factor judge made it seem like her Twitter account was hacked.

“Demi's twitter is hacked,” the “hacker” wrote, before threatening to reveal “naked” photos. “Want to see Demi naked? Here it is...”

Demi, though, was just looking for laughs. According to The Huffington Post, Her Twitter account had not been hacked. It was just an early morning prank.

When she posted her “naked” photos, her followers found out that it was just a joke. Demi shared a photo of her head photoshopped onto a naked Barbie doll’s body.

“BAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotcha ;) hehehe,” she wrote, along with the photo. Hahahahahahhaha I'm sorry y'all... But I had to... GOTCHA!! love you all. Goodnight!!”

Whatever the reason Demi wanted to fake having nude pictures, she got the reaction that she was hoping for from her “Lovatics,” who were laughing along with her.

Photos: Demi Lovato, Twitter



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