Dina Lohan tweets a nostalgic Christmas pic of Lindsay

By Ryan Roschke,

A few nights ago, Dina Lohan tweeted a super vintage photo of her daughter and our favorite falling star, Lindsay. Dina was apparently looking through some old Christmas photos and decided to remind us of the LiLo that we used to know and love. The picture comes at a very interesting time, in the midst of Lindsay's recent drama with law enforcement and poor ratings. Check out the tweet below.

Dina Lohan has recently undergone intense scrutiny in light of her daughter's struggles. Lindsay, who recently starred as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick in an attempt to reboot her career, has been in and out of rehab. She has also been facing serious charges for the assault of a woman in New York City.

Lohan is already on probation for a jewelry theft from 2011, but it was p because of a car accident a few months ago, after which she lied to the cops, according to NBC News.

The photo Dina tweeted is a reminder of the little superstar from blockbusters like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Lindsay's been going through some troubling times, but we all hope that innocent little girl is still in there somewhere.



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