Discovery cancels ‘American Guns,’ says it has nothing to do with Newtown shootings

By Daniel S Levine,

Discovery has cancelled its reality series American Guns, which focused on a Colorado gun shop owner and his family. The network claims that the decision was made much earlier in the year and was not influenced at all by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Nevertheless, the decision has inspired a wave of social media reaction.

According to Deadline, the network said that the show “concluded earlier this year.” The network stressed that it will not air any repeats of the show, which lasted just two seasons, which leads some to believe that the shootings did play a part in the decision.

Ratings may also have had something to do with it. While the second season started strong in April with a 50 percent increase over the first season premiere, the ratings fell as the season progressed.

Deadline also heard that Discovery felt that there were no more stories to tell.

Whatever the reason, Discovery is being widely criticized by the show’s fans as caving in to political correctness on the show’s Facebook page.

E! News notes that one critic tweeted, “We already knew Discovery and History Channels banned gun advertising... now they're running for cover... not.”

Paige Wyatt, one of the show’s stars, recently posted a tweet she received on her Facebook page that read, “@PaigeWyatt Sickening to zap into American Guns right after the #Newtown shooting. Are you aware that you are encouraging this culture?” She responded, “A tweet I got from some guy who obviously needs to be educated! #aggrivating #dumb#gunsdontkillpeoplepeople.”

American Guns centered on Gunsmoke Guns, a store owned by Rich Wyatt. Paige Wyatt and Rich’s stepchildren also starred in the show.

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