‘Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23’ Recap: Bar Lies

By Freda Eang,

James has been practicing real hard for his Dancing with the Stars debut and he’s heading out to Los Angeles to film it. While James is out of town, he asks June to help pay his maid for keeping the place clean since he forgot to. June is happy to help out, but when she goes over to James’s place, she finds Chloe showing random strangers around. Apparently, every time James is out of town, Chloe rents out his place to other people to make extra bucks on the side. June reprimands Chloe for using James’s place without his permission and wants to tell James about Chloe’s behavior, but she’s scared she’ll affect his performance.

June calls her mother to seek advice and finds out that her mother had lied to her earlier about not being able to make it out to New York. Her mother ends up being with James since she was invited by him to be in the live audience. Not wanting to turn down this once in a lifetime opportunity, she chose James over June. After overhearing June’s confession to what’s happening in his apartment, James becomes nervous minutes before his debut. June’s mother gives him a Chinese medicine drink to calm his nerves, which seems effective at first, but when James makes his debut, it’s a total flop because he’s completely drugged.

Also this week, Chloe frequents the bar and gets free stuff from strangers due to her bar lies. June sees these lies as ridiculous and does not see why Chloe enjoys it so much. After finding out that her mother lied to her this time as well as many other instances before, June goes on a rampage and starts lying about everything. It does not go well as June is not really a good liar, but she was able to let out her rage. The ending of the episode was pretty hilarious as we are able to see James’s perform his entire dance. I have to say he would have made a great debut, but his flop was inevitable. Thoughts on the episode?

Don’t Trust the B----in Apt. 23 air every Tuesday at 9:30pm on ABC.



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