‘Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23’ Recap: Whatever It Takes

By Freda Eang,

June and Chloe are doing their separate things back in New York. Chloe is seen hitting the clubs and drinking, while June is sitting at home eating and watching television. The two are seen glancing at one another every day, but no real communication is initiated until later in the week.

Chloe doesn’t understand why June is not trying harder to find her dream job, so she decides to take June out with her to network. At the club the two of them go to, Chloe leaves June to mingle while she hooks up with a hot broker. The next day June is told by Chloe that she has a job interview with a certain company and June is ecstatic. She never believed that Chloe’s networking theory was actually true.

When June goes in for the interview, she discovers that the hot broker that Chloe is seeing at the moment is not that hot as she thought. He unfortunately met an accident earlier, so he’s not really in the right mind. His father, the boss of the company is giving June the job because he likes the fact that his son seems to be getting better having Chloe by his side. Chloe does not know that the guy she’s with is not hot because every time she’s with him, she’s completely wasted.

June really wants this job, so she makes sure that Chloe is always drunk before going out with the guy. On the day that June officially becomes part of the company, Chloe appears sober with the boss’s son. June is in a dilemma since she believes Chloe is going to break up with him resulting in her losing her dream job, but surprisingly Chloe does not. James apparently told Chloe the truth the night before, but she’s fine with it because the guy is rich. Everything seems to fall into place, but once it’s revealed that the boss’s son is married and with child, June immediately quits her job and tells Chloe to break up with him.

While this is all happening, James is preparing for his Dancing with the Stars debut, but things do not look too good since his partner is one of the worst contestants. Fortunately, he’s able to switch her out last minute and we’ll be able to see how his dancing goes in the next episode. How did everyone else feel about this episode?

Don’t Trust the B----in Apt. 23 air every Tuesday at 9:30pm on ABC.



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