Drudge Report shocks with N-word ‘Django Unchained’ front page

By Daniel S Levine,

The first reviews for Quentin Tarantino’s Civil War Western Django Unchained were published overnight and, while The Hollywood Reporter praised the film, it noted the use of the N-word in the screenplay. Critic Todd McCarthy notes that it’s only natural, since the film is set during the time of slavery, but it apparently got the conservative Drudge Report riled up enough to splash the N-word not one, but seven times across its homepage Wednesday.

The site posted a picture of the director with the N-word repeated seven times under it. It links directly to McCarthy’s review, which only mentions it once and he didn’t even spell it out.

“Quite naturally, given the historical setting, the N-word gets a heavy workout, by whites and blacks alike,” McCarthy writes. “But much more forceful is the cruelty dispensed by the Southern whites, both as punishment and whim; attack dogs are unleashed on one man, Mandingo fighters (in an homage to the unforgettable 1975 Mandingo) battle to the death in a beautifully appointed drawing room for the wealthy’s amusement, a woman is locked naked in a metal ‘hot box,’ genital mutilation is arranged for a man and much more.”

The Atlantic Wire notes that people took to Twitter to criticize the site. Politico’s Dylan Byers wrote, “Drudge has the N-word pasted across the top of the page. It links to a film review in the Hollywood Reporter mentioning "N-word" in 9th graf.”

The Drudge Report also included a link to Variety’s review that noted “no fewer than 109 instances of the ‘N word,’ most of them deployed either for laughs or alliteration.”

Django Unchained opens on Christmas Day and has already earned awards nominations from critics. It stars Jamie Foxx as the title character, a former slave who tries to rescue his wife from a sadistic owner played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

image: drudgereport.com



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