Edible iPhone cases sell out

By Krista Alice Hornyak,

A Tokyo-based company has completely sold out of its edible iPhone 5 cases.

The crunchy covers, called Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone Cases, are offered at a price of $81.

According to the product’s website, Japan Trend Shop, the cases are handmade with brown rice and salt. They are very delicate and do not offer much protection. Plus, they can get damaged very easily when being shipped to the United States.

However, that has not stopped American consumers from buying the tasty technological treat.

Why purchase something that will be gone the second you get hungry? For the fun of it, of course.

The company’s website explains that it is not serious about the product, but rather using it to poke fun at Japan (and the world’s) obsessions with technology and food.

CNN reports that the company could be riding the heels of the success of the NBC show Revolutionand AMC’s The Walking Dead.

An edible phone cover could hypothetically save you on week-long treks through a powerless world. If not, at least it will prevent you from going hungry when there’s a zombie apocalypse.

It would not be surprising if the company releases an entire line of edible iPhone covers soon.



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