Facebook page aims to 'Save 666 Park Avenue'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

666 Park Avenue may have been canceled, but that’s not stopping die-hard fans from trying to bring back the ABC drama.

The network announced its cancellation in November along with the likes of Private Practice and Last Resort.

However, it’s 666, which starred Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable, Robert Buckley and Samantha Logan, among others, that has created such a storm from its cancellation that a “Save 666 Park Avenue page has been created. Thus far the page has 5,643 likes.

The page focuses on "what could have been” and other mentions as to why ABC should bring back the program. “666 Park Avenue episode 8 see's 67% increase with Live+7 DVR ratings from 1.2 to 2.0 rating. If only these people had watched the show live, the show would not be canceled,” reads one post written December 10.

The Facebook page hopes to gain enough momentum which will persuade ABC to bring David Wilcox created horror-drama program back.

666 started off with just over 7 million viewers, but quickly shrunk to a mere 4 million in two months, Huffington Post reports. The 18-49 demographic also suffered.

The network plans to air all of the episodes filmed before the cancellation takes effect.

Image: Facebook



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