Facebook to test paid messaging feature

By Krista Alice Hornyak,

Facebook is testing out a new, paid messaging system.

The proposed feature would charge users one dollar to send a message to anyone outside of their group of friends.

Currently, messages from “friends” show up in the inbox, where they are easily seen. Messages from those outside of your network fall in the “other” folder, where they often go unnoticed.

On their blog, Facebook stated that creating a financial cost for sending messages outside of your network is beneficial.

Not only will it get rid of annoying, unwanted spam, but it will also make sure that the messages that are delivered are relevant and useful.

CNN.com reports that this feature would be helpful in regard to inquiring about job opportunities, or if someone wants to comment on an event with someone they are not yet friends with.

Facebook has also unveiled new filtering options for your inbox. Basic filtering will allow messages from friends and your extended network of friends to go straight to your inbox. Strict Filtering will increase the requirement, being mostly limited to just friends.



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