First four minutes of ‘Warm Bodies’ released (Video)

By Meaghan Fleming,

A video of the first four minutes from upcoming zombie horror/comedy Warm Bodies was released on Thursday.

Fandango posted the clip from the upcoming movie on Thursday. The first four minutes can be viewed below:

The clip introduces the audience to the main character, a zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult). It shows R and other zombies aimlessly walk around an airport. Although R can grunt and has limited speaking abilities, the audience is able to hear his thoughts. He doesn’t remember anything about his life before he was a zombie, but he wants to know what life was like for people before they became zombies. The first four minutes are engaging and humorous.

As we previously reported the movie focuses on R and how he becomes less like a zombie, and more like a human after an encounter with Julie (Teresa Palmer). Julie is not seen in the clip above, but can be seen in a trailer for the movie below:

The movie is based off of the young adult book Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Marion recently spoke with the Huffington Post and confirmed he is working on a sequel to Warm Bodies.

Marion says (spoilers follow) the sequel will focus on R and Julie “Fighting death. Trying to build a better world, and a better humanity. The scope will be wider, but also more personal.”

Warm Bodies is in theaters on February 1, 2013.



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