‘General Hospital’ weekly recap - Week of 12/10-12/14

By Sari N. Kent,
Alexis met Val Chmerkovskiy (Kelly Monaco’s ‘DWTS’ partner), Sabrina tried to get in touch with Lucy to fund the Nurses’ Ball & Faison’s deception was finally revealed!

In the locker room Sabrina spotted a picture of Lucy in the scrapbook and asks Elizabeth if she thought she could save the ball. Todd literally laughed her out of his office. Patrick still believed in her and she couldn’t let him down. Elizabeth didn’t think Lucy was the fairy godmother type although she admitted that Lucy always did whatever she could to keep the ball going. Someone had to know how to reach her. Felix announced that she was his boss at CoeCoe Cosmetics. Sabrina asked him if he could get her in touch with Lucy. He told her that wanted artistic control, a dressing room and much more. Sabrina offered to do his bedpan duty and he agreed.

At his place, Michael told Starr about AJ’s release and how he was worried about his parents hating AJ and vice versa. Starr understood that he just wanted his parents to back off. He added that his parents weren’t good at respecting boundaries and was worried about their reaction to AJ’s release. Starr thought Michael needed to reassure Sonny about his feelings for him. Michael couldn’t get in touch with AJ and decided to find him at the gym.

Sonny and Shawn sparred at the gym. Alexis got a call to help Robert and ran into Val Chmerkovskiy on her way out. He asked her out and she said that she would love to, but she was seeing someone. Later, AJ arrived, bragged that Diane got him off and how great it was to be able to go anywhere he wanted. Then, he asked if Shawn was Jason’s replacement. Sonny called AJ an all-around dirtbag then they fought about Michael. AJ told him that there was enough room in Michael’s life for the both of them. Then, Sonny challenged AJ to a few rounds and he agreed. While AJ suited up he saw a text from Michael saying he was coming over. He hopped in the ring and antagonized Sonny until Sonny started pummeling him. Michael ran in and saw the beat down and didn’t know who Sonny was anymore.

At PCPD, John left a message for Anna that Faison was alive. Alexis arrived and was glad to see he got a job, for him and Sam. She couldn’t believe Robert’s story about Faison and asked to see him. Meanwhile in his cell, Dante told Robert that Faison was alive and in Switzerland. Robert then told Dante that Luke told him about the clinic and how he was there and so was Anna. He added that she was lured there by hope that Robin was alive. Robert was convinced it was a setup to lure Anna there. Alexis warned him that he needed to do exactly what she said. Later, Dante filled John in on the fact Anna had been to the Swiss clinic with Luke. John couldn’t get in touch with Anna and all calls were going to voicemail. Dante called the mountains where they thought Anna was but learn wasn’t there and that Lavery had canceled the reservation. Robert blamed himself for spouting off his mouth. Robert told John that he never met a fed who didn’t want to be a spy and this was his big chance.

Anna broke into Duke’s Swiss hotel room. She saw Faison and screamed. She wondered how he was able to make her think he was Duke. Faison pounded on the bedroom door while a man brought in a tied-and-gagged Duke. He tried to warn Anna it was a trap but Faison knocked him out. She called Faison insane and evil and begged for him to release Duke, but he planned on killing him. Then, Faison injected Anna with something and she was out cold. Faison ripped the tape off of Duke’s mouth and told him he had to show Anna that they were both alive to discredit Robert. Duke called out to Anna that everything was a lie. He loved her! Then, Faison shot his own man and told Duke that he would convince Anna that Duke had to shoot him to save her from Faison then he escaped. Later, Anna woke up and “Duke” assured her that Faison was gone. She wanted to follow Faison but he refused and told her that she was safe now.

John and Robert arrived at the Swiss clinic. They showed Obrecht a picture of Faison, but she said that she didn’t recognize him. She recognized AJ though. John issued her a warrant and suddenly she remembered Faison. He had his face bandaged and was discharged several years ago. John then shows her a picture of Duke. She said that she hadn’t seen him and Robert accused her of lying. He screamed at Obrecht while John played good cop. Alone later, they wondered if it worked.

Outside Faison’s Swiss hotel room, Anna and an agent discussed the search for Faison. Anna was frustrated that he could vanish so easily. Inside, “Duke” talked on the phone to Obrecht, who has moved Robin. He was glad their plan to fool Anna worked. Anna tries to call Port Charles but got no service. “Duke” has taken her battery. Later, he asked her if she could trust him. When she saw him with Faison all her questions were answered. They kissed, and she pulled away to go to her room to get ready. Then, Obrecht called and told Faison that she threw John and Robert off the scent. The call ended suddenly as Anna arrived. They kissed and he began taking off his clothes.

At the clinic, Obrecht’s call with Faison was interrupted by Robert and John. They realized she was calling “Duke” but she refused to tell them where he was.

Back at the hotel, John and Robert brought room service to Anna and “Duke.”

At Manning Enterprises, Connie daydreamed about Sonny’s offer. Then, Todd arrived and she left in a hurry. Outside, TJ and Molly were reluctant to deal with Todd but were determined to find the manuscript. They told Todd their plan to intern for Connie while searching for the book but he wouldn’t let them search and Molly wondered if they could get Starr to help them.

At PCPD, Dante gave orders to search flight records for Anna and Lavery. Michael arrived and asked him to arrest Sonny for beating AJ. When Dante learned that they were in the boxing ring with gloves he wouldn’t do anything about it since AJ agreed to the match. He told Michael that he thought he may be looking for a replacement for Jason. Dante added that he would change Sonny’s temper if he could, but he loves Michael. Michael agreed to drop it and talk to Sonny himself. Dante assured Michael he was there for him if he needed him. Later, Dante found out Anna was in Switzerland.

Starr got AJ to the hospital. He told her that he regretted Michael seeing Sonny beat him up but Starr wasn’t buying it. She told him that she knew he was manipulating Michael and wanted Sonny to look like the bad guy. AJ told Starr that he did his homework on her and found that interesting coming from someone who almost shot him and told her to cut the crap. Then, Elizabeth returned and AJ asked Starr to get his bag at the gym before Sonny torched it. Alone, AJ told Elizabeth he had changed. They talked about Jason and she apologized for being mean to him. He gave her a picture of him and Jason together and she asked him to stay away from Sonny. Later, she looked at the picture and cried.

At the gym, Sonny admitted to Shawn that he let AJ get to him. Sonny wondered about AJ’s motives. It was like AJ wanted him to beat him. Then, Connie arrived and Shawn offered to boot her. Sonny wonders if she was done playing with little boys and wanted to find out what a real man was like. Connie told Shawn to take a walk. She then said was scouting a location for a shoot and that she was going to put herself on the cover of every issue like Oprah. She added that she needed as boxer with real moves and Sonny volunteered. Sparks flew. Outside, Starr questioned Shawn about the fight. She found AJ’s phone with Michael’s text on it and was convinced it was a setup. Later, Shawn showed Sonny the text Starr found. She was on her way to tell Michael now.

Michael met Starr at the hospital. Before she could tell him about the text AJ came out of his room. Michael told him his stock is in a trust and that he couldn’t back AJ. AJ still wanted him to work at ELQ and Michael agreed. Starr looked uneasy.

Todd returned to a messy office and soon Connie arrived. Molly and TJ admitted they were looking for the book, but didn’t find it. Then, Todd got a call from his publisher. They said that they had the book and wanted to publish it.

In their hotel room, Anna and “Duke’s” kiss was interrupted by Robert and John. She told them that she knew Faison was alive and that he had Duke tied and gagged. Then, she added that she saw them both in the same room at the same time but did admit that she was knocked out for a bit. Robert then told Anna about Obrecht and how she swore that she didn’t know Lavery, then called him as soon as he and John left. Then, “Duke” blew up and screamed that he didn’t have anything to do with Faison! John then produced the phone and called the last number dialed. “Duke’s” phone begins to buzz then “Duke” got even more upset. Suddenly, it was very hot. John had turned up the thermostat and noted that everyone was sweating except “Duke.” Robert then accused him of wearing a mask. “Duke” asked Anna to leave with him and she agreed. She asked to go to the inn they went to when they got snowed in. He agreed and then she pulled away saying that they never got snowed in. Now “Duke’s” feelings were very hurt. He tried to leave but Robert slammed him against the wall, then he threw the hot fondue oil in his face. The latex mask melted off and a horrified Anna begged him to show her his face. She screamed. It was Faison! John and Robert cuffed him. Faison then told Anna that he just wanted her to love him back. Before Interpol left with Faison, she decked him.

At Manning Enterprises Todd informed Molly and TJ that his publisher wanted to publish the book and it was submitted by the author, Connie Falconeri. Todd didn’t give a damn who wrote it as long as it made money. He left and Connie told Molly to go ahead and write her own book. Molly begged her to give it back but Connie threw them out.

Carly brought Josslyn to Kelly’s where Joss saw Johnny, ran to him and told him that she missed him. Alone, Johnny thanked Carly for not poisoning Joss against him and told her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He reached out to her and she pushed his hand away. She told him that she wanted to know the real reason he married Connie but then Todd interrupted. Carly told Todd that Johnny was just about to tell her the real reason he married Connie. Todd couldn’t wait to hear but Johnny suddenly forgot. Todd issued Johnny another warning while Carly tended to Joss. Johnny told Todd that he was sick of his threats then he left. Later, Todd asked Carly if Johnny’s explanation was good enough, would she ever take him back?

Dante met Lulu at the hospital. Maxie had an allergic reaction and Lulu was concerned that they would have to find a new surrogate. In her room, Maxie was also concerned. Then, Lulu and Dante joined Britt and Maxie to learn the news. She just had a food allergy. Then, Maxie realized she had eaten blackberry jelly instead of grape. Lulu was upset by her carelessness. Maxie promised to be more careful and Lulu trusted her then they hugged. Britt returned and informed them they were almost ready for egg retrieval.

Kristina and Alexis ambushed Sam with Christmas decorations at the penthouse. Trey delivered the tree and Kristina walked him out. Outside, Trey told Kristina he was leaving Port Charles right after the New Year to work on a film set and that he had been hoping they could find their way back to each other. She replied that she was hoping that too. He asked her to come with him but said that she didn’t have to decide right then, but that it felt right to him. She told him that she’d think about it and they kissed. Alone with Alexis, Sam told her how she blew up at John but have smoothed things over and how the PCPD assigned him to find the person who shot Jason. Later, Alexis brought Danny in a Santa outfit and Sam was ecstatic. She thanked Alexis for always being there for her. Then, Molly arrived and told Alexis to sue Connie.

Johnny ambushed Connie in her office while she was working on her book bio. He told her that he was done being badgered by her. She agreed to back off but that wasn’t good enough for Johnny, who told her that he was going to confess.

Robert came into Anna’s hotel room with coffee and Anna wondered aloud how she could have been so stupid. She didn’t understand how she fell for it with all her training and beat herself up about how she wouldn’t listen to Robert. Robert told her that she was played by one of the best and that Robin was a factor. Robert reminded Anna of her grief and her journey that brought her to this place. Anna briefed Robert on what happened in the room to figure out who the man she saw as Duke Lavery was. She figured it might be Lavery himself and that he could still be alive. Faison knew so much about Anna and Duke’s relationship and she believed that she recognized Duke’s eyes.

Maxie and Mac Scorpio were at the diner eating and discussed Maxie’s health. Suddenly, Olivia rushed in all excited about having a grandbaby and asks who else was excited. Then, a vision of a dog appeared and said that he was excited too. Olivia had to explain her reaction and Maxie wondered if she will be pregnant with a talking dog. Olivia left and Maxie reminded Mac that Olivia’s premonitions have come true. Mac told her to stop and loudly exclaimed that she wasn’t going to get pregnant with a dog. Mac then said that he was worried about her and she replied that she was worried that she would screw the surrogacy up. Mac then told her that she had to be true to herself and decide if she was still going to do this for Dante and Lulu.

Lulu and Dante were excited at the hospital about having a baby and nurse Felix said that they would need a sperm sample first. Lulu asked Dante to think about her as she left him with the plastic cup. Moments later, Olivia ran in on a half-dressed Dante. She told him that she'd seen him like this before and he exclaimed "Not like this!" She confessed she will be with him every step of the way and rushed off. Then, she saw Lulu in the waiting area as she ran off to the cafeteria, told her she’s seen Dante and that he was doing just great. Meanwhile, Dante was having a hard time alone and texted Lulu in the waiting area to join him back in the room. She listened to his concerns and they began to kiss. Olivia waited back in the waiting room as Maxie showed up looking for Dante and Lulu.

Patrick complimented Sabrina on her holiday spirit since she dressed up in an elf hat at the nurses’ station. They discussed the progress of the Nurses’ Ball. Britt joined them and was surprised to hear that there is going to be a Nurses’ Ball after all. Britt was interrupted by Lulu to discuss her procedure and Sabrina called Felix over for an update on Lucy Coe. Felix hesitated and told them there is mistletoe above them. Britt then rushed over and kissed Patrick in front of Felix and Sabrina. Then, she asked if the nurses were going to NY and Felix suggested that Patrick was coming with them. But, Patrick said that he had plans with Emma and Felix couldn’t talk him into a trip with Emma to NY. Britt then tried to invite herself over to decorate and Patrick remembered Robin at their last Christmas together. He told her that maybe he’d text her later. Closer to the nurses’ station, Felix explained to Sabrina how he was trying to get her hooked up with Patrick.

Patrick came home to see a vision of Robin in their home.

Robin, in Lucerne Switzerland, was handcuffed to her hospital bed missing Patrick and Emma knowing it’s almost Christmas and didn’t know how much more she could take. Dr. Obrecht came in and Robin questioned what was wrong and the doctor confessed that Faison had been captured. Robin was sure Anna figured it out but Obrecht yelled that she didn’t care about Robin’s parents. Robin told her it was time to cut her losses and let Robin go. But, Obrecht decided that she had faith in Faison and Robin argued with her until she decided she has no choice but to eliminate Robin. Obrecht didn’t believe that Anna or Robert will be lenient to the person keeping their daughter prisoner. Obrecht almost gave away who else was being held in the hospital as she left the room. When she headed back to Robin’s room with a syringe planning to kill Robin and Duke she was stopped by Anna and Robert in the hallway. They struggled and Anna wanted info on Duke Lavery and recognized someone when she flung open the door they were near.



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