‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 12/17-12/21

By Sari N. Kent,
Robin left Patrick a message to move on, Sabrina and Felix finally got ask Lucy to underwrite the Nurses’ Ball and Robert found Robin but was it too late?

Sabrina and Felix got to CoeCoe headquarters in New York to meet Lucy. Sabrina was nervous and got even more so when Felix admitted that he had embellished his relationship with Lucy. In fact, he had never met her. He pumped Sabrina up anyway until Bree Flanders, senior VP of marketing, stopped them from entering Lucy’s office. Felix backed down but Sabrina wouldn’t be deterred. Bree admired their dedication and directed them to their department dedicated to charitable giving but Sabrina demanded to talk to Lucy, who was the “original force behind the ball.” They explained the ball’s history and Lucy’s role in it. Bree could relate and told Sabrina and Felix that she was once a hooker and that safe sex was very important to her madam Renee (OLTL nod here ). Bree then knocked on Lucy’s door and introduced Sabrina and Felix.

Patrick went home and saw Robin by the fireplace. He snapped out of it when Mac came in with Emma. She ran off and Mac was worried about Patrick. He admitted to Mac that he just saw Robin and told Mac that he was nervous about what could be wrong with him since the last time he hallucinated when was he was taking drugs and he hadn’t taken any. Mac told Patrick how he has learned about loss and that “once you think you have a handle on it, it blindsides you all over again.” Mac then told him that it was his first Christmas without Robin, so he had to cut himself some slack. Then, Emma returned and asks Mac to stay but he said he had to go visit Maxie. Patrick told Emma that she was giving an amazing gift to someone and that they all hope it worked. Later, Emma and Patrick decorated the tree. Emma wanted to hang Robin’s stocking in case Santa forget she was in heaven. Later, Patrick found a gift in his stocking from Robin.

Ellie made out with a Santa-clad Spinelli under some mistletoe at the hospital. Then, he headed off to pediatrics while she tended to Dante’s sperm. Maxie and Olivia were waiting outside the room where Dante and Lulu made the sperm donation and they were obviously flustered when they emerged. Maxie had something to say but was interrupted. Ellie got the sample and told Lulu she could head to pre-op for the egg extraction. Everyone was ecstatic and Maxie didn’t voice her concerns. Lulu and Dante left and Olivia visited Ellie in the lab. She voiced her concerns about a mix-up but Ellie assured her there would be no problems. Then, Olivia turned and shrieked when she saw Spin holding a wolf-like pup and thought she was having another vision. She freaked out, but the dog is actually real. Meanwhile, Maxie and Dante waited together while Lulu had her procedure. He thanked her again for making their dreams come true. Lulu was wheeled out and said that she could feel it in her heart the in vitro was going to work. Later, a nurse brought the eggs to Ellie and she took them in the lab. Olivia grabbed the dog from Spinelli and refused to return him until the eggs were fertilized. Later, Mac found Maxie and she told him that she was doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante watched Ellie from outside the lab.

Anna pushed past Obrecht at the clinic and saw the real Duke tied to a gurney. Robert left to find Obrecht while Duke and Anna talked about what happened. She commended him on the messages he sent through the mislead memories he gave Faison. He told her that he thought she had figured it out sooner when Faison was angered by false memories a few weeks ago. Anna wondered if it had been Robin. She then broke the news to Duke that Robin was dead and that they were told her body burned in an explosion, so they buried her without seeing her. Anna then told Duke that Heather had sent her to that very clinic to find Robin. Anna thought it was a mind game but the fact it led her to Faison’s base was no coincidence. If Robin was alive, Duke assured her they would find her together.

Obrecht entered Robin’s room and prepared a syringe while Robin begged for her life. She screamed out and Robert ran through the halls at the sound. Obrecht restrained Robin but Robert threw open the doors before she injected her. He pulled Obrecht off Robin and she lunged at them with the needle. She stabbed Robert in the chest and he dropped to the ground. Obrecht told Robin it was too late. Later, Anna and Duke threw open the door with a gasp.

Lucy warmly welcomed Sabrina and Felix to CoeCoe headquarters. Sabrina told her that they were from Port Charles and they needed her help. She said that she knew Lucy was the driving force behind the Nurses’ Ball but there hadn’t been one in years. Then, Sabrina told Lucy that she wanted to start it up again, but they needed to find private donations and she was hoping Lucy could help. Lucy suggested the Quartermaines, then Todd. Lucy asked about Sonny, but they all realized his reputation was too tainted. Lucy said that would love to do it and told them that remembered everything about Robin and how amazing she was. But, then she told them that she couldn’t help because her assets were frozen because she was under investigation for running a pyramid scheme. After Sabrina and Felix left, Lucy reminisced alone about all of the past balls and picked up Sabrina’s number.

Through tears, Patrick watched the DVD Robin left in his stocking last year at home. It was December 24, 2011 and she had to tell him something. She told him that he had given her everything she had ever wanted, but her HIV was back and nothing was working. She went on to say that she didn’t tell him because she wanted one last perfect Christmas because by next Christmas she would be gone. She then said that there was nothing she wanted more than to be with him and couldn’t stand the thought of him being lonely. She said that she wanted him to find someone else and give Emma a happy home. Robin then said that she had come up with has some candidates, including Elizabeth but said he could pick for himself but added that if he picked wrong she would haunt him.

At the hospital, Britt thanked Elizabeth for her help during Lulu’s egg extraction and invited her out for a drink. Elizabeth was a little shocked but Britt insisted since Patrick blew her off. She then told Elizabeth that she had been hoping he would invite her to decorate with Emma and was confused that he didn’t call. Elizabeth then got testy and Britt accused her of ganging up against her with Sabrina. Brit then accused Sabrina of using Robin’s death to make a move on him. Elizabeth then spat out that Sabrina was better for Patrick than Britt ever could be, called Brit out for treating Sabrina like dirt until Patrick shows up and told her that she isn’t fooling anyone, least of all Patrick. Suddenly, Patrick called Britt and invited her over for a drink. Britt agreed and shoots Elizabeth a smug look before she left. Later, Elizabeth realized a movie she bought for her kids was missing. Sabrina arrived and told Elizabeth about the meeting. She wanted to go tell Patrick but Elizabeth stopped her and told her that Patrick had company.

Britt met Patrick at home. She said she understood why he didn’t call. Then, she pulled out some eggnog, bourbon and a gift for Emma… Elizabeth’s missing movie. Patrick was impressed and insisted that they watch it together. They toasted to a new start and he took out Robin’s DVD and put the movie in. Then, they cuddled up on the couch.

Outside the lab, Ellie assured Spinelli and Maxie that Lulu and Dante’s embryos were incubating. Spinelli commented that Maxie could be pregnant by tomorrow and she ran off. Spinelli followed her and she admitted she was worried that she was doing this so she could forget she loves Spinelli and that he doesn’t love her back. Ellie walked up unseen and eavesdropped. Spinelli then told Maxie that he could “hardly contain my joy when you told me that you loved me. “ He added that he would have chosen her over Ellie in an instant. Ellie ran off before Spinelli said that he saw a future with Ellie but that he still cared about Maxie, would always love her and that if he hadn’t met Ellie, he would be with Maxie. Then, Spinelli said that Maxie was “generous and beautiful and didn’t need to be a surrogate to prove you’re important.” After their talk she was sure she wanted to go through with it and went back to the lab. Later, Spinelli approached Ellie but she ran off, upset.

At the Swiss clinic, Anna and Duke found Robert on the ground with the syringe in his chest. Anna pulled the syringe out and he choked out that she had to find her. Duke ran off for help and Robert passed out before he could to tell Anna about Robin. Duke returned with a doctor, who realized Robert has been injected with an entire vial of potentially fatal Propofol and set Robert up on a drip with a drug that could counteract it. Meanwhile, Anna wondered what Robert was fighting to tell her.

Elsewhere, Obrecht had Robin tied up and passed her off to Jerry Jacks.

Alexis met Molly and TJ at Kelly’s with the manuscript. She was upset by how pornographic it was. “Each part is more graphic than the next,” Alexis told Molly, who looked it over and told Alexis that Connie “sexed up my book!” Then, Alexis headed over to Manning Enterprises to negotiate while TJ and Molly got a better look at Connie’s additions. Molly was grossed out but TJ was engrossed. “I’m no expert but I know hot when I read it,” TJ told Molly. She then asked him to pick out one part and explain why he liked it.

Connie told Todd in their office that she thought Johnny was ratting himself out as they spoke and that they needed a plan if Johnny went to the cops. Todd wanted to take his chances. Connie guessed Johnny had proof that Todd was involved in the baby swap. Then, she started chanting hysterically that Todd switched the babies when Alexis walked in and overheard. Todd told her there was no shred of proof to show he switched the babies. Alexis then threatened to take him to civil court, and if he published the book, she would sue. Alexis then offered him a chance to settle and added, “If what I heard when she walked in is any indication of how messy it will get, I suggest you take my offer.” Alone with Connie, Todd agreed to help her get Johnny to change his mind.

At home, Johnny thought about his blow up with Connie. Then, Diane came by at his request and assured him that he had client attorney privileges and encouraged full disclosure. Then, he told her that he was the one who shot out Anthony’s tires, which caused Cole and Hope’s deaths and that he had to turn himself in. She replied that if he did so he’d be facing felony murder charges. She then asked if he killed Anthony. His silence told her that he did. She then told him that he could go away for the rest of his life. Johnny replied that he couldn’t live under Connie’s thumb anymore. Diane thought it couldn’t be as bad as a stint in Pentonville. He wanted her to get his sentence reduced and she asked if he has dirt on someone bigger than him. He offered up Todd Manning for the baby switch. But, Diane mentioned she had a conflict of interest because she also represents Todd and could be disbarred for representing Johnny. Diane asked Johnny for some time to figure something out. In the meantime, she told him to keep his confession to himself but he said that he wanted to tell Starr and Carly before they read it in the paper. Later, Connie and Todd arrived but Johnny was gone.

Starr made Michael breakfast at his place again. He appreciated it but had to run off to meet AJ about ELQ, but Starr wanted to tell him something first. She told him that she thought AJ goaded Sonny because he knew Michael was coming by the gym when he saw his text. She thought AJ was trying to drive a wedge between him and Sonny. Michael didn’t buy it. He thought that she just sees the worst in people and accused her of being put up to this by Sonny. She replied that she only told him because they promised to be open with each other. Then, he apologized and explained that that day was anniversary of when Abby died. He told Starr how much he missed her and now with Jason also gone he was glad Starr was in his life. Later, Starr looked over a picture of Cole and Hope alone and was interrupted by Johnny.

At the estate, AJ was going over the shareholder numbers again when Sonny and Shawn showed up. Shawn pulled out Sonny’s phone and said that AJ knew Michael was going to the gym and set him up. Sonny DIDN’T want AJ to use Michael as a weapon. AJ fired back that would never do that but Sonny told him he did just that by goading him into attacking him for Michael to watch. "So what if I did?" AJ hissed and said how he loved how predictable Sonny is. Sonny dismissed Shawn and Sonny and AJ were all alone. “Sooner or later Michael will find out who you really are. All I have to do is wait for you to self-destruct. And I’m a patient man,” Sonny told AJ. Alone, AJ struggled by the bar before pouring a glass of water. Later, Michael arrived and asked AJ if he set Sonny up.

At Kelly’s, Shawn interrupted a flustered TJ and Molly. Alexis arrived and told them that Connie and Todd denied everything but that they will pay for stealing Molly’s book.

Connie and Todd realized Johnny wasn’t at his apartment. She was worried that he was confessing to the cops and Todd started to worry too because if Johnny confessed he could lose Starr. Connie was more worried because if Johnny confessed, her life is over. Connie told Todd that the hole in Kate’s memory was the only thing keeping her around and if Kate found out that she didn’t shoot those tires she could come back and get fully integrated. Then, they tried to figure out what to do. First, he called Carly and realized that she hadn’t heard from Johnny. Next he called Starr.

Johnny visited Starr at Michael’s place. He was distraught and admitted to killing Anthony, but he said that he had to tell her the rest before she read it in the papers. She asked if he killed someone else. Suddenly Todd called and when he learned she was with Johnny he pretended to have a heart attack. She ran off without Johnny confessing.

Sonny met Carly at Kelly’s and told her how AJ set him up, how he knew Michael was coming by the gym and walked in on Sonny pounding AJ’s face. Carly regretted missing it. Sonny thought they should butt out and let AJ screw it up like he always did. Sonny told Carly that he believed in Michael and Carly told him the wonderful man Michael had turned into was all because of Sonny. "And Jason," Sonny added. She agreed. Then, Sonny left to be with Dante. Later, Alexis told Carly that no matter how she felt about her that she was a good mother.

Back at Johnny’s, Todd wanted to find a way to get rid of Johnny permanently. He ran off to meet Starr at his office while Connie thought about what to do. Later, Johnny came back and Connie pretended she wasn’t home. Johnny called Carly and begged her to come over. When he hung up Connie hit him on the head from behind and knocked him out.

At Manning Enterprises, a frantic Starr got there before Todd. When he realized she was already there, he dropped to the floor outside. She couldn’t believe she ran right by him. She tried to do CPR but he started giggling. Then, Starr realized he was faking and pushed him back on the ground.

At the Quartermaine estate, Michael asked AJ if he intentionally set up Sonny. At first, AJ acted shocked at the accusation but Michael demanded to know if he manipulated the situation. Then, AJ admitted that he knew Michael was coming by the gym. Michael exploded saying that he couldn’t believe he fell for AJ’s garbage after his parents warned him. AJ begged for a chance to explain and told Michael that he fell into “old patterns” because he was scared of losing Michael. He added that it was “torture knowing Sonny and Carly raised you and groomed you to hate me.” He then said that he just wanted a chance and Michael gave it to him but made AJ promise to tell him no more lies. AJ replied that he would try his best, but that he lies sometimes but he promised not to lie to Michael and then they hugged.

At the hospital, Ellie overheard Spinelli telling Maxie he was there to see her first and foremost on her big insemination day. Ellie ran off and Mac took Maxie to meet Lulu and Dante. Alexis was also there with a contract for Maxie. Maxie thought Lulu didn’t trust her. Lulu assured her it was just a formality and would protect her too, in case something happened to them. Dante assured Maxie that they trusted her completely and Maxie enthusiastically signed. Meanwhile, Spinelli realized Ellie was mad at him. When Maxie was about to be wheeled in for the insemination Spinelli wasn’t there and Olivia told her that he ran off after Ellie. Later, Sonny showed up and Dante and Lulu told them everything went well and that they should know in a few days if it worked.

Outside Kelly’s Spinelli asks Ellie why she was running from him. She told him that heard all the things Spinelli said to Maxie. He replied that he was sorry that she didn’t hear him say that he sees a future for them. Then, he asked her to spend Christmas Eve with him and she enthusiastically agreed. They kissed until the alarm on his watch went off. He had set it for the time Maxie was having her procedure. She encouraged him to call her but he insisted that she didn’t need him.

At Kelly’s, Carly left Todd a message that Johnny wanted to see her and that she was hoping Todd could talk her out of it.

Patrick and Britt discussed their date at the hospital when he saw Sabrina and asked how her meeting with Lucy went. Sabrina stumbled and when Britt pounced, Felix assured them the meeting went well. Patrick hugged her but Britt was surprised considering Lucy’s company being investigated by the FCC. Felix assured them that it all is well and then Sabrina pulled him away. Meanwhile, Monica thanked Elizabeth for patching AJ up. She apologized for how she treated Elizabeth after learning Jason was Jake’s father. She added that it was wrong and that she wanted AJ to have good influences in his life. Then, Elizabeth joined Felix and Sabrina and encouraged Sabrina to confess the truth to Patrick now before it spiraled out of control.

Lucy arrived at the Quartermaine estate. She offered Alice a total makeover but Alice threw her out. Lucy found the spare key where the Q’s have always left it, let herself in and stuck the key in her bra for later. Meanwhile, Michael and AJ were meeting about the stock shares. AJ wanted to move fast on Tracy and told Michael that if they could get Carly to vote Michael’s shares into his favor, all he had to do is win Sam over. Lucy listened in as AJ tried to convince Michael to talk to Sam. “The future of ELQ is at stake,” he told Michael. They left without seeing her and Lucy grabbed AJ’s ELQ book and was shocked Tracy was running the company. Alice returned and tried to throw her out when Monica arrived and assured Alice that she could handle Lucy. Lucy said that she just wanted to pay her respects to Edward but Monica wasn’t buying it. Then, Lucy reminded her she had 1 percent of ELQ but Monica just tossed her out. Later, Alice and Monica decided to keep an eye on her.

At the penthouse, Sam explained to Danny about the phoenix and dragon. They were interrupted by Tracy in a Santa hat. She had some big gifts, like an Italian racecar parked out front but Sam saw right through Tracy’s plan to get her ELQ shares. Tracy warned her that AJ would run ELQ, which was Danny’s birthright, right into the ground. Sam replied that she didn’t really care either way, so Tracy asked if she was worried about Michael. Tracy then said that Jason would have put a stop to AJ’s plot if he were around, whether it benefited Tracy or not. Then, she handed over the proxy for Sam to sign, which would stop the takeover. Tracy added that Sam could have it rescinded any time. Then, they were interrupted by Michael and AJ. AJ begged Sam not to sign the proxy. While AJ and Tracy argued Sam decided to give them each 9 percent and told them that she never wants to hear about ELQ again. Now, they were tied at 50 percent.

Later at the hospital, Britt encouraged Patrick to think of her when he needed to talk. Sabrina interrupted with Elizabeth and Felix behind her. She told him things didn’t go as well with Lucy as they had implied when suddenly Lucy arrived and gave Elizabeth a big hug. She met Patrick and gushed about Robin. Lucy told them all they would need energy to spare because they had a party to throw!

Connie knocked out Johnny with a bottle at his place. She lay down next to him and considered her next step. Should she kill him? She picked up a letter opener and stood over him when Carly knocked. Connie invited her in and was happy to tell Carly everything about why Johnny married her. She gave him no choice because the sex was just too good. Carly didn’t believe it considering Johnny cringed every time Connie was mentioned. Connie told her Johnny had left and that he took an overnight bag with him. Johnny made some noises as Connie threw Carly out. As she left, she told Connie, “This isn’t over by a long shot.”

At Manning Enterprises, Starr gave Todd CPR until he started giggling. She realized he wanted to interrupt her conversation with Johnny and demanded to know why. He evaded her questions and she stomped off to find out from Johnny. “This is not over by a long shot,” Starr told Todd as she stormed off. Todd then called Connie to warn her Starr was on her way over and she told him that Johnny wasn’t a problem anymore.



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