‘General Hospital’ weekly recap – Week of 12/24-12/28

By Sari N. Kent,
Sonny had a Christmas celebration with one surprise guest, Kristina decided to move to LA with Trey, Michael and Starr finally made love and AJ confessed to Michael that he set him up to see Sonny beat him up.

Carly visited Michael’s apartment to wish him a Merry Christmas and drop off his gift. Starr listened in. He opened it and found his ELQ voting proxy. Carly asked him not to ruin his future for A.J. after all his challenges, including prison, and he argued he wouldn’t. They hugged and as Starr came out, Carly left. Starr asked which fathers' house they were going to. He then asked Starr to decide where they would go. She said she would go anywhere as long as it wasn’t her father’s and explained about his fake heart attack. She said she understood what Carly was saying. Michael asked how long she was listening to them and then he told her what had happened to him in prison. He discussed how Abby helped him and his life after leaving prison. She thanked him for sharing and they kissed. Then, she decided that they should stay at the apartment for Christmas. Then, they made love for the first time.

Connie visited her office, surprising Todd who was worried about Johnny. Connie told him not to worry and created an imaginary noose gesture with her hand. Todd replied, "Please tell me you didn’t kill Johnny." Then, Carly showed up professing her hate for Connie after Connie left them alone. She told Todd about going to Johnny’s and how Connie was the only one there claiming Johnny had left town. She told Todd that she thought Connie was hiding something. They ended up discussing why they were alone and decided to spend Christmas together. Then, they decorated his office.

At Maxie’s apartment, Maxie chased Dante, Lulu and Ellie out to go to Sonny’s party. As soon as they left, she called Spinelli, who had just arrived at Sonny’s and asked him to come over due to an emergency. Spinelli arrived and Maxie shared her worries about being pregnant, not being pregnant, or being pregnant with a puppy. Then, she got a call from Olivia checking in on her and told her that she was fine. Spinelli got up to leave since there wasn’t any emergency but then Maxie stood and bent over moaning. She said she had cramps and was worried.

At the Quartermaines, A.J. hoped Michael could join them for Christmas. Tracy wondered aloud if A.J.’s lying wasn’t working on Michael. Then, A.J. and Tracy argued back and forth until Monica held up a CoeCoe cosmetic product and told A.J. she had figured out a way for them to break the tie in ELQ. Then, they discussed Lucy 1% share in ELQ as she walked in. Alice tried to drag her away as Monica argued with Lucy. Then, Tracy and A.J. automatically started treating her like a queen. Monica explained to Lucy what they were really after. Lucy appreciated the situation. Then, A.J. called Michael.

At the hospital, Olivia saw Spinelli come in carrying Maxie and began screaming at Steve them. When he asked about what she was referring to she pointed to an empty area outside the elevators where only she could see Spinelli carrying in Maxie in a vision. Olivia said that there was something obviously wrong with her grandbaby. After Olivia called Maxie, Steve sent her to Sonny’s party. Later, Spinelli brought Maxie to the hospital. Steve called Olivia and told her that her vision had come true. Later, Dante, Lulu and Olivia showed up and Maxie announced she was pregnant.

Kristina brought Trey to Sonny’s for Christmas Eve. When she said that she liked being with him he asked, "Enough to move with me to L.A.?" Alexis and Shawn listened to Sonny’s concerns about a Christmas without Connie and the possibility of Michael having Christmas at the Quartermaine’s. Alexis assured him that he was right in letting Michael make his own decisions. Sonny didn’t want to pressure Michael by calling him to see if he was coming. Sonny then greeted Kristina and Trey and other partiers arrived. Max took Ellie’s coat and Milo checked her out when she arrived with Dante and Lulu. Kristina told Alexis that Molly was at the soup kitchen. Olivia arrived and said her radar was a little off when Sonny asked if she had any insight into what Michael might do. Ellie got a text from Spinelli that he was delayed. Sonny toasted his guests, celebrating the coming baby for Dante and Lulu, and to remember Jason. He stopped as Connie barged in and joined them with a "Merry Freakin’ Christmas." Ellie received another text from Spinelli that he was delayed again. Sonny told Max and Milo it was Christmas and that Connie could stay. She confronted Trey, but was nice to him. Sonny called Michael. Outside Ellie bumped into Spinelli as she left Sonny’s and broke up with him, figuring he was delayed because of Maxie. Kristina joined Trey on the terrace and told him that she would go to L.A. with him.

At their apartment, Michael and Starr woke up together. They discussed holiday plans and she remembered Johnny wanted to tell her something. She told Michael that Johnny was distraught but not about what. Michael said he has to see his father, and replies he hadn’t talked to either since before Christmas. He thought each probably thought he spent the holiday with the other.

On the hospital roof Spinelli saw Ellie smoking. She told him that she was upset about their breaking up. Spinelli reminded her that she dumped him. Then, Ellie argued about being stranded at Sonny’s and the Giambetti brothers ogling her and talking about ghosts. Spinelli said she shouldn’t worry about Maxie. Ellie asked if it was okay to spoil her evening and wondered why Spinelli left the party to be with Maxie. Spinelli begged her for another chance and they had New Year’s to make it up. She told him they both had to be sure. Then, Spinelli suggested they meet on the hospital roof at midnight if they both decided to continue as a couple. They sealed the deal with a handshake and Ellie left.

Dante and Lulu visited Maxie at her apartment with a gift. They were excited about the baby. They got her a book showing the stages of pregnancy. Lulu brought Maxie a glass of milk before they interrogated her about going to the hospital on Christmas Eve. Maxie explained what happened and mentioned that she felt bad. Lulu was confused that she called Spinelli instead of them. Lulu argued and questioned what Maxie was doing. Dante made peace and Lulu apologized. Maxie asked Lulu if she was sorry she asked her to do this. Then, Dante and Lulu tried to make her feel like they were still happy about Maxie being their surrogate. Then, they got excited and joked about baby names.

At Kelly’s, Kristina and Trey discussed L.A. Alexis walked in and wanted to know what news Kristina needed to break to her parents. Kristina shared Trey’s news and Alexis was happy for him, until they shared that Kristina was going too. They asked for Alexis’ support and Kristina said it was a decision she had to make on her own. Alexis agreed and told Kristina to tell her father but reminded her that Sonny was in a fragile state. Alexis sent them to the gym since it would be too distracting with the photo shoot for Sonny to yell.

Connie called Sonny from The Haunted Star about the photo shoot as Johnny struggled tied up in a chair. She put on make-up and teased Johnny with talk about her and Sonny. She took off his gag and he yelled for help. She told him there was no help and that he couldn’t send her back to the loony bin. Then, she said she didn’t kill him because she had a conscience. He bit her and she said she wouldn’t take advantage of him because that’s rape and she’d been there. Johnny tried to make a deal but she put his gag back on and left. Starr caught her locking Johnny’s office and asked where he was. Connie said he was away and they argued until Starr heard something fall. They bickered but Starr wouldn’t leave. They struggled when Starr tried to push past to the door. When she got past Connie and opened the door, Starr was shocked to see Johnny tied up.

At the gym, Shawn got Sonny ready for the photo shoot. Sonny told Shawn that he wasn’t giving up on Kate. Then, they sparred and discussed Michael. Sonny speculated that he went to the Quartermaine’s for Christmas when Michael walked in and told him he was wrong. He then told Sonny that A.J. admitted to setting him up. Sonny told Michael that AJ will hurt him, but Michael said he was going to give A.J. a chance. Sonny wished Michael a Happy New Year since he didn’t get to wish him a Merry Christmas. Then, Kristina, Trey and Alexis showed up and shared the news about the move to L.A. Michael questioned what they were doing and then said he’s happy if Kristina was happy. Sonny was quiet. Kristina asked him to say something. He replied, "Over my dead body." Then, Kristina and Trey argued with Sonny, who didn’t want to lose Kristina to Trey. Michael and Alexis defended Trey and supported Kristina’s decision. Kristina told Sonny that he wouldn’t lose her but gave him an ultimatum. Then, they have a heart to heart chat and Kristina apologized. Sonny asked Alexis if she was free on a certain date for them to go visit Kristina and Trey. Kristina was happy and they hugged. Then, Michael called Starr but she didn’t answer. Trey discussed Kate with Sonny and wondered if he should talk to her before he left. Then, Alexis and Sonny reflected on the year gone by after everyone left.

Starr was struggling with Connie at The Haunted Starr and asked a gagged Johnny if this had something to do with what he was going to tell her. Then, Connie asked Johnny if they should tell her the truth. Connie made up something about them liking it rough, having a fight and since they made up they were having some fun. Then, she told Starr to beat it. Starr left the office and started to make a phone call. Suddenly, Connie yanked her back into the office and Starr hit her head while falling. She was knocked out on the floor next to Johnny. Johnny wanted Connie to help her. Then, Connie heard Starr’s phone ringing and saw that Michael was calling her.

In a parking garage, Tracy dropped Lucy’s bags and A.J. showed up admitting to following them. Then, Lucy confessed to AJ that Tracy was paying for a shopping spree. A.J. admitted he couldn’t afford to buy her vote and appealed to her business sense. Lucy replied that she had to weigh the responsibility of this decision. A.J. claimed that with him at the helm of ELQ he could help CoeCoe Cosmetics. Then, Tracy reminded Lucy about A.J. shooting Alan. Lucy agreed the situation was complicated and then rushed off for a meeting. Then, she bumped into Connie struggling with a large heavy container. She asked if she was Kate Howard. Connie denied it and continued on referring to the container as Johnny. Then, she bumped into Tracy and A.J.

At the hospital, Patrick asked Sabrina if she had plans for New Year’s Eve. She envisioned a date as Patrick explained that he needed a babysitter for Emma. Britt showed up happy Sabrina was available. Patrick was surprised Sabrina didn’t have plans but she said it was an opportunity to work on the Nurses’ Ball. Then, Britt put a negative spin on the conversation about Lucy Coe’s inability to fund the project. Then, Sabrina confessed that Lucy was upfront about being under investigation but defended her as a smart businesswoman. Britt continued being condescending to Sabrina and smug that Lucy hadn’t appeared for a meeting. At that moment, Sabrina’s shift ended and Lucy appeared saying that ELQ was underwriting the Nurses’ Ball as A.J. and Tracy appeared surprised.

Todd unhappily left Connie a voicemail and walked in to find Sam breaking into his safe at Manning Enterprises. Carly showed up with security and asked what Sam wanted to steal. Sam claimed she was looking for Molly’s stolen manuscript. Then, Carly interrogated Todd about Connie’s involvement and gave him a hard time about wanting to send Sam to jail after just getting her baby back. Sam argued with Carly about the real Todd Manning and Carly argued he was innocent. Sam made Todd uncomfortable after Carly said she believed him because he swore on his daughter’s life about not switching the babies. Sam then told Carly not to let Todd make a fool out of her, "Jason wouldn’t want that." Then, Sam left and Carly explained to Todd he was a friend. Then, Todd asked her out and she accepted.

Michael showed up at The Haunted Starr and found Starr knocked out. She woke up and told him that Connie had Johnny.

Connie closed the trunk of her car in the parking garage with Johnny moaning inside as Trey and Kristina showed up and startled her. Trey wanted five minutes to talk. Then, Kristina heard a noise coming from the trunk.



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