George Takei starts petition to ban turning off e-readers and tablets on airplanes

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

George Takei started a Change.org petition asking that the FAA allow e-readers and other “safe devices” be used with no regulations.

The petition is seeking a total of 10,000 signatures, with only 4,465 more signatures needed. The petition states that the FAA’s rules for tablets and e-readers are “archaic.”

The petition states that there is not enough energy emitted from either device to cause disturbance in the cockpit.

“This regulation is all in the service of a "safety" issue that simply doesn't exist. Studies have shown that devices like my Kindle don't emit enough of anything to disturb cockpit function,” the petition written by George Takei reads.

According to Takei, such a law passing could save “a half an hour or more of wasted time on each flight for each passenger.”
Reports in March discussed the possible lift of turning off “all electronics” with e-readers and tablets as the exception, Red Orbit reports.

The FAA Assistant Administrator is reportedly taking a “fresh look” into the idea.

“That’s going to be welcome news to the people in the United States who, according to Forrester Research, by the end of 2012 will have bought more than 40 million e-readers and 60 million iPads and other tablets,” Nick Bilton of The New York Times states.

Would you sign the petition or, do you think the rules are in place for a reason?



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