'The Good Wife' Season 4 Episode 10: Battle of the Proxies

By Roselyn Sebastian,

The episode begins with Eli being approached by an agent from the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile two trials are running concurrently to find the killer of the same girl who was killed in Chicago but dumped in Grundy county. This episode features the return of Judge Murphy Wicks as the Grundy County judge assigned to the case.

At first Will tries to get a mistrial because he’s waiting on the results of the Grundy county trial. But ASA Laura Hallinger blocks him from doing so.

When Eli meets with Diane he tells her that the DOJ is trying to find out more information about Wooster Graph Industries. This was a company that Eli helped get through bad publicity surrounding its IPO. But then he also gives Diane the photo that Kalinda gave him. This was the photo that Nick found in Lana’s apartment of Kalinda and Eli from earlier in the season. For obvious reasons Eli needs this to go away so it doesn’t affect Peter’s campaign.

Will sends Alicia to help out the Grundy County State’s Attorney win his case. In Grundy, they’re allowed to talk about the case that is ongoing in Chicago. But in Chicago they’re not allowed to talk about the case in Grundy.

Interspersed in all this is a side plot about Alicia trying to figure out if Zach is having sex with his girlfriend. This is all caused by a ChumHum search that Alicia finds on her computer about condoms. Zach points the finger at Grace and her new friendship with the school bad boy. Alicia tries to have “the talk” with Grace, unsuccessfully. In a traumatizing twist it turns out it was actually Jackie trolling the internet for information about condoms.

Nick comes to see Alicia to tell her that he doesn’t want Cary on his case anymore. This is because Cary called Nick out on his drug smuggling. Alicia cuts Nick loose as a client, which results in him quasi-threatening her. Alicia tells Kalinda about her confrontation with Nick. Kalinda is visibly worried by this.

Eli and Diane, who’s wearing sunglasses indoors like a star, meet with the agent from the DOJ. Diane tells the DOJ agent, Mr. Laguardia, to back off. Laguardia pretends like he’s only tried to approach Eli once, until Diane presents that surveillance photo of Eli and Kalinda. Laguardia comes out and says that he’s investigating whether clients of Eli’s crisis management donated to Vanessa Gold’s campaign in return for a discount on Eli’s services.

Switching back to the double murder trial, Mattan Brody returns, as Laura enlists him to help the Grundy county defense. This leads to evidence that wasn’t excluded in Chicago being allowed in the Grundy court.

Kalinda figures out that Lockhart Gardner’s client is actually guilty. This predictably causes Alicia distress because she’s been helping Grundy county convict an innocent man. Will reiterates that they have to represent their client’s best interest, which means Alicia continuing to help the prosecuting in Grundy. Unfortunately both defendants in are found guilty.

Eli is given an ultimatum from the DOJ. Turn Peter in and they won’t investigate Eli. Diane and Eli both tell Laguardia to go to hell, which was priceless. The DOJ later seizes all the hard drives from the campaign offices.

At the end of the episode, Will buys Laura a drink as congratulations. Will shows that he’s not morally bankrupt when he admits that he’s planning to help the Grundy defendant on his appeal. It looks like the writers are trying to set Laura and Will up, which would definitely cause drama, especially once they throw Alicia into the mix.

Kalinda orders Nick to come to the Lockhart Gardner offices where she orders him out of town. Apparently she’s called the police and tipped them off about the drugs in the cars Nick tows. Kalinda has arranged for him to flee to Canada and has even given him $10,000. Nick thinks she’s bluffing, but we don’t see what happens next because the next scene is of Alicia drinking tequila alone. She’s waiting for Kalinda who shows up late, looking relieved. The episode ends on Kalinda’s face, right after she assures Alicia that Nick is never coming back.

Overall this episode was alright. This episode was a transitional one. It’s laid the groundwork for a potential relationship between Laura and Will, started a scandal involving Peter’s campaign, and also left the viewers wondering if we’ll ever know what happened to Nick.

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