Google search results of 'Dying Grandparent' is Christina Aguilera

By Drew Barile,

Contributor Dave Stopera of the website Buzzfeed found out that if the term 'dying grandparent' is Googled, the result is shockingly Christina Aguilera. The result in Google Images is a myriad of different photographs of Aguilera.

According to the Daily Dot, the term results in images of Aguilera because of a quirk in Google's algorithm and also images have more "Googlejuice."

The issue is that gossip blogs and other sites place keywords with images, whereas other non-gossip sites do not post with as many links or images -- if any. In search engines, the site with many images that contain keywords and links will automatically outrank any site that doesn't contain more or equal links. Because of this system of prioritizing in search engines, using the term 'dying grandparent' results in images of Christina Aguilera. This is why sites stress strong SEO language, so that they will have higher turnout in searches.

RadarOnline reported in 2011 that Aguilera's estranged uncle claimed she was snubbing her dying grandparents. This story was disseminated and reproduced on many other gossip blogs, which raised the search value and power of the image being associated with that term. Gossip blogs, because they have image and link dependency, are able to raise their posts' ranks in search engines.

Christina Aguilera is just a victim of cyber tactic used by sites to raise views. However, she should be happy that there is just one more way she can be searched.



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