‘Gossip Girl’ Recap: It’s Really Complicated

By Freda Eang,

Lonely Boy and It Girl Serena Van der Woodsen is an item yet again. If only Serena knew that Dan’s latest expose is all about her. The two decide to hold a Thanksgiving dinner together, despite the scandals that are usually revealed at the dinner table each year. Serena believes this year will be different since none of their parents will be there, but tradition does have their way on reoccurring. What started as an invite only for their closest friends (meaning the gang) turns into a bigger party as matters get complicated when Lily and Bart crashes as well as Steven and Sage.

Steven wants to win Serena back and he makes it clear to Dan. He confesses his feelings towards Serena, but to his dismay she rejects him since she’s happy with Dan. Right after Steven leaves, Dan’s article on Serena is out. Thanks to Georgina’s evildoing, the uglier version of Serena is out for public viewing instead of the sugar coated version that Dan decided to go with after he realizes he’s in love with Serena again.

Torn by his betrayal, Serena tells Dan to leave. The entire gang looks at him with detest as he leaves. Dan returns to Brooklyn and Rufus tells him that the world of Lily and Serena is not for them.

Also, Chuck is able to get Lily on his side as she realizes that Bart is not as honest as she believed. She apologizes to Chuck for burning the only evidence thus far of linking his father to the oil scandal and is now working on finding other evidence to help. Nate on the other hand is back together with Sage, but he is also forced to work for Bart because of the evidence that Bart has over him and the Spectator. With everything that is going on, I believe the Bart storyline will come to a close real soon. After all the show only has 2 more episodes left. Any thoughts on what’s to come?

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9pm on the CW.



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