‘Gossip Girl’ Recap: The Revengers

By Freda Eang,

With one episode left for the series, this penultimate episode tries to tie up the Bart storyline. Nate is thrown into jail for his financial problems at the Spectator since Bart finds out that Nate is trying to play both sides. Paranoid that his son will bring him down sooner or later, Bart kidnaps Blair for awhile and uses her as hostage toward Chuck. Forced to leave his friends in order to ensure their safety, Chuck gets on a plane arranged by his father.

Unhappy with having to depart with Chuck, Blair devises a scheme against Bart. An unlikely collaboration occurs between Blair, Georgina, Ivy, Sage, and Serena, but it proves useless when
it’s revealed that Bart’s plane met an accident while in the air. Thinking the worst of Chuck’s situation, the gang watches Bart await to go on stage to be honored. As Dan says his speech to the crowd, he surprises everyone when he introduces Chuck to the stage instead of Bart (everyone believed that Dan was working for Bart).

Bart is left surprised at the sight of Chuck since he believes that he’s dead, but he plays it cool by telling everyone at the party that Chuck is dealing with some issues. The two ends up discussing their situation on the roof, but things get heated and a struggle starts between the two. While pushing each other back and forth, Bart ends up slipping and hanging for his dear life on the rooftop. Chuck is left contemplating if he should help his father or not because he’s afraid that his father will continue harming his loved ones. Blair arrives in time to witness Bart falling off and her and Chuck is seen running away from the scene of the crime as the episode ends. We’ll have to see what’s going to happen to Chuck with Bart dead. I remember that Blair and Chuck are finally going to get married, but there are plenty of other complications thrown in the series finale as well - Ivy’s and William’s relationship, the return of Juliet, Jenny, and Eric, and not to mention the identity of Gossip Girl. Does anyone care to guess who Gossip Girl might be after all these years? I want to say it’s Serena, but I’m going to say Juliet since there’s no reason for her to appear all of a sudden. How does everyone feel about Gossip Girl finally ending?

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9pm on the CW.



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