Harvard psychologist calls Quentin Tarantino's statement 'ill-informed'

By Drew Barile,

Dr. Pamela Cantor, a renowned Harvard psychologist, recently adjudicated Quentin Tarantino. At a New York press junket, he was defending his films, in particularly Django Unchained, but Dr. Cantor has vituperated Tarantino's comments spoken at the junket.

According to BBC Tarantino said, “I just think you know there’s violence in the world, tragedies happen, blame the playmakers. It’s a western. Give me a break."

Celebuzz reported that Dr. Cantor told them, “I don’t agree with his comments. They were glib and ill-informed after that terrible shooting." Dr. Cantor was referencing the Sandy Hook shooting.

Dr. Cantor added, “Big screen movie makers and the media in general have a responsibility here as their depiction of violence and guns are not doing any good because they normalize violent acts making society immune to them.”

The Weinstein Company, the studio behind Django Unchained, cancelled the movie’s Hollywood premiere in respect of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Below is an interview of Quentin Tarantino with Access Hollywood where he also discusses how his films tend to create social controversies.



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