'Hawaii 5-0' 'Haʻawe Make Loa - Death Wish' episode recap

By Jackie Morrison,
Angel of Death or Victoria's Secret Stalker?

Danny got stuck with a hot one this time but it's not Steve, rather a Victoria's Secret model. The pathologist from Heroes (Max) is in line at the bank depositing his payroll and argues with the teller that he doesn't believe in direct deposit. Unfortunately he has a Freudian slip just before he asks out the teller but she gives him her number before he has a chance to formally ask her out. The pair decide on sushi just as the bank is ambushed by bank robbers. The teller gets held up and told at gunpoint to empty cash into a bag by a masked robber. Then the bank robber attempts to take a hostage until another customer named Jim runs to the rescue and is shot after he pulls off the robber's mask. Unfortunately Sabrina the teller has also been hit. Where is Die-Hard dad Bruce Willis when you need him?

Then a change of pace follows with a swimsuit shoot on the beach where a Victoria's Secret model named Behati gets frisky with Danno and Steve. Turns out that some of the models have been getting threatening messages from a dangerous stalker. So it looks like 5-0 is being asked to see if the Angels will be going to heaven if the threats are ignored. Back at the bank the trauma team and emergency responders are on the scene taking the wounded to the hospital. Kono, Kelly, and Steve survey the area as the CSI investigators take physical evidence. Steve asks for the bank footage to be pulled so they can identify the robbers. Kono notices that the bank robbers were wearing glowing masks to disguise their identity on film. Fong, in the forensics lab, can't decipher the identities and realizes that infra-red radiation is the cause of the disguised glowing heads on camera. Sabrina is still unconscious in her hospital room and Max decides to stay with her until her parents arrive in Hawaii.

Danno is making friends with the swimsuit models who are rather friendly. Danno has glitter glue on his shirt, which tips off the ladies that he has a daughter. I guess beauty and brains can co-exist in some models. Besides it was probably only yesterday that the models were probably playing with glitter glue themselves. I mean, back in the '60s, supermodel Jean Shrimpton apparently read Kierkegaard during shoots. The girls ask him to join them on the couch and ask him to show pictures of his daughter. Before long they start asking about Grace's mother. In the spirit of Scott Caan's dad James Caan (who played Sony in The Godfather), the ladies have made Danno an offer he can't refuse. Danno is always ready to talk about his daughter so he jumps right in. He is all too happy to show his digital camera album of Grave's pictures. Unfortunately Danno is there to work and not flirt and proceeds to question the models about who may be trying to harm them. Danno is taking a shine to the blonde Behati after interviewing the two brunettes.

After the visit to the Angels on the beach, Danno goes back to HPD where the crime lab says that the death threats are not from a man but an LA resident named Denise Pope with previous stalking charges on an actor. Denise is in town under an alias and out to get the angles. Back at the hospital, Steve and Kono ask Max about what happened in the bank. Sabrina is doing fine but Max is starting to look a little shell shocked. Steve goes to Jim's hospital room to see if he can remember anything about the robbery. Jim is asked to work with a sketch artist to recreate the face of the robber whose mask he pulled off. Kelly calls and says that hPD recovered the bag with all the money still in it. A run of fingerprints matches a 23-year-old petty crook. When Steve and Kono pay a visit to the suspected robber they find him dancing around in a hula skirt somewhat high. When he tries to escape it sets off a foot chase with Steve and the suspect sans hula skirt. Steve is able to knock him down but it's Kono who has to arrest him.

Back in the interrogation room the suspect has calmed down after his dance with magic mushrooms and his fried brain is not helping him. He admits he was in the bank but didn't shoot anyone but one of his accomplices, but he doesn't know his name. Apparently he was offered 20K after meeting with his parole offer to help him pull a bank robbery. I guess when your pre-frontal cortex is fried, not even your P.O. can get through to your thick head. Magic Mushrooms guy swears that it is the truth. Steve asks for a description but the images look wonky and Kelly thinks magic mushrooms guy is hallucinating. Steve decides to show the pictures to Jim at the hospital. Kelly is at the crime lab looking at the pictures of the money bag found on the highway. Turns out the money was thrown out of the van before the dye pack burst.

In the hospital one of the robbers is making his way to Jim's hospital room dressed like a doctor but Steve starts a chase. The fake doctor hijacks a car and gets away while Steve has to pull the driver from safety. Kono runs to Steve and tells him that Jim is dead from strangulation. Steve calls for all the survivors from the robbery to get personal security detail. Back to the Angels, the female stalker from LA has checked herself in to the hotel
room beside the models. Danno calls about Behati who has gone back to her hotel room to find herself face-to-face with stalker lady. Before she runs towards the Angel with a butcher knife, Danno jumps into the hotel room and shoots down the stalker.

Kelly decides to pull a vein map after talking to a Hoover boy to identify the robber and it ties to a guy named Martin Cordova, who is on the Most Wanted List. Turns out the woman that was grabbed before the police arrived was the target. It was not a heist but a hit on the woman. Max noticed that Jim had brain cancer before he died. He was on the verge of dying, which is why he played hero so readily. Results also showed that Jim had been turning down chemotherapy before the robbery. Footage reveals that Jim was acting strange before the heist and ordered the hit on himself! It was a suicide job. Steve thinks it was an attempt to have Jim redeem himself to his family.

Cordova apparently is also suffering from cancer. Steve goes to Cordovas' room but gets held by gunpoint. Gotcha! In a Rhianna move, Cordova tells Steve to "Shut Up and Drive" as the pair set off on the highway to whereabouts unknown. Cordova confirms the regret that Jim had over his family. When Steve asks about Cordova's kids he tells Steve to pull over and take a walk in the bushes. Steve keeps pressing Cordova about his life and mortality and all the things he regrets. Mind games. Then Cordova hands Steve a gun and asks him to shoot him in the head since he is dying anyway. Just as Cordova is about to commit suicide since Steve won't make it easier for him, Danno arrives to stop any gunfire from blazing.

Sabrina is doing better with Max at the hospital. He takes her to the cafe for their date and luckily it's an empty dining area. Danno is off for some fun with a few girls now that the stalker has been found. Danno brings his best girl, Grace, to the Angels party with Steve in tow. Danno and Steve find one of their CI's impersonating them, which constitutes a felony.The ladies show up to say hello to the pair but no fun for Danno. Behati tells him to enjoy his time with Grace since little girls need their fathers, especially given how fast they grow up. Looks like Danno won't be getting a phone number at the end of the night but maybe Grace can get one for him. Interesting how Steve wasn't catching the eyes of any of the Angels.



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