‘Hawaii Five-0,’ Christmas 2012, “Kahu” (Guardian)

By Cheryl Hollar,

On the Christmas, 2012 episode, McGarrett and Catherine are carjacked as they eat in his truck on what Catherine calls an “unromantic” date.

McGarrett takes the carjacker to HPD, where he sees a boy, Ethan, who has been arrested for breaking a window at the police headquarters.

Ethan tells McGarrett he did it to get attention. So, McGarrett uncuffs him, gives him his full attention, and learns Ethan’s father, Bruce, is missing.

Confident his father did not just leave him, Ethan gets the help of McGarrett.

Meanwhile, Danny goes with Kamekona to purchase a helicopter. He bargains for Kamekona and gets the deal Kamekona wants.

McGarrett and Catherine, Ethan in tow, go to Bruce’s store, find blood. McGarrett calls Danny and Chin to the scene, where they find a shotgun and blood stains that look like a body was drug from the store. The cash register drawer is completely full.

In the Camaro, Danny says he will not be seeing Grace this Christmas, and McGarrett invites him to Christmas dinner at his house.

Kono calls the pair with a trace of prints on the shotgun to a Moku Bradford. When Danny and McGarrett arrive at his house, they find Bradford, shovel in hand, covered with blood that eventually turns out to be pig blood. Chin finds a pit dug in the jungle where Bradford roasts pigs. Bradford’s prints were on the gun, because he and Bruce occasionally handled it.

Catherine, meantime, finds a briefcase filled with money in the basement of Bruce’s home, where she is keeping an eye on Ethan.

Kono then finds that an anonymous gunshot victim was dumped off at the ER. The blood type matches what was found at Bruce’s store, and the plates of the car that dropped off the victim belong to Bruce.

Chin and Danny see Max at the morgue and discover, from examination of the body, that the victim was into moonshine.

When they see Chin’s Uncle Troy, who also makes his own moonshine, they find that Bruce’s store is a good location for purchasing the product.

McGarrett wants Ethan to identify the victim. After Catherine talks to Ethan about this, she goes to buy him something from the soda machine, and Ethan fleds.

Through a phone McGarrett gave Ethan earlier in the episode, they trace Ethan’s location. When the team arrives, Ethan tells them the place belongs to a Darrin Hodge, who bought moonshine at Bruce’s store, but not from Bruce. The victim they want Ethan to identify bought moonshine from Hodge.
As the team enters the home, they find a stranger with a gun and arrest him. On interrogation, they find that Bruce is not involved with the moonshine at all. It is just sold at his store. In addition, Bruce has been getting a lot of cash from a man that comes to the store on a regular basis.

Kono traces the serial numbers on the money from the basement of Bruce’s house to a Stewart Rizzi, who was involved in a five year-old Chicago bank robbery. Bruce has been getting money from Rizzi in exchange for supplies as he lays low on the island. Hodge discovered this money exchange and decided to make some quick bucks.

As Catherine and Ethan play cards at Bruce’s house, Rizzi breaks in, holding a gun on Bruce. Catherine hides, but later sets off the smoke detector by using the toaster. She surprises
Rizzi and knocks him down the stairs as McGarrett and Danny arrive.

As the episode ends, Ethan thanks McGarrett for finding his dad. In turn, McGarrett tells him in about ten years, there will be a spot for him with Five-0. As he walks away, Ethan says he’ll think about it. McGarrett tells Catherine Ethan’s a smartass, but Catherine says,” it takes one to know one.”

Finally, it is Christmas. Kamekona gifts everyone with free helicopter rides, redeemable when he gets his pilot’s license. As everyone sits outside around the table at Kamekona’s shrimp truck, McGarrett walks up, wearing a tuxedo. As everyone looks on, he picks Catherine up into his arms and tells her he’s taking her to dinner.



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