‘Hawaii Five-0’: 'Huakaʻi Kula' - 'Field Trip' recap

By Jackie Morrison,
The Aloha Girl Finds An Adonis Hero

Time for Bonnie Tyler to sing, “I Need A Hero”, once again as Danny and his best girl Grace get ambushed along with a troupe of Girl Scouts by a Diamond thief. Former Boy Scout Danny has to enlist Commander Adonis (aka Steve) to get them out of a hostage situation. In this episode hints of Danny’s childhood being afflicted with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) comes to light. Our former NJPD Detective seems to have had some issues with authority which sort of explains his annoyance with ex-Navy Seal babe Steve.

Just like the movie Mon Pere Le Hero, a French film from the early 1990’s starring Gerard Depardieu, Danny goes into protection mode to make sure Grace and her troupe known as The Aloha Girls are safe. Thanks to a Girl Scout Matron who aspires to be her own version of Agent Prentiss on Criminal Minds, Steve and Danny have to rely on her tracking knowledge to navigate their way out of the forest. Talk about tough chick!

Learning survivalist skills never got so lethal when The Aloha Girls are confronted by an armed Diamond thief played by Tom Arnold who is on the search for stolen treasure. Danny is able to get Grace and the rest of the girl scouts into safety but Steve and Lucy, one of the girls, are taken hostage. Commander Adonis is clearly still trying to take over James Bond from Daniel Craig. Meanwhile, Kono continues on with her bad boy phase by dating reformed rounder Adam who ex-con brother comes home to Hawaii. Adam is adamant about going legit with the family business but his brother is not so sure. Kono’s better judgment is hi-jacked by her belief that Adam is now on the straight and narrow. Yeah well … the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. After all, anti-social personality disorder is inherited along with other clinical mood problems.

Steve and the young hostage are led further into the woods with Steve trying to keep him and Lucy alive. When the moment strikes, Steve tells Lucy to run into the trees so she is out of the burglar’s line of fire. Danny has to find them and head off the Pilot whose also tracking them to find all the heist goodies. When Steve and the girl are lead to a river a standoff ensues but Danny comes to the rescue and shoots the thief. As for the Girl Scout leader, she turns out to be more helpful than Danny realizes as she is able to track Steve in the woods.

Once Danny takes out Tom Arnold and the other thief who was hunting Tom down, the duo rush out of the woods with Girl Scout Leader guiding the way, and Lucy in tow. Lucy didn’t run too far into the woods thankfully and is reunited with the rest of The Aloha Girls. With all the danger and intensity Lucy admits to Grace who tells Danny that her fellow Girl Scout pal is crushing on her hero Steve. For Grace, Danny/Daddy is the real hero.

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