'Hawaii Five-0,' Recap: Season 3, Episode 9, 'Ha'awe Make Loa'

By Cheryl Hollar,

The episode opened with a shot of Max at the bank. He waited for a certain teller, Sabrina, to be free so that he could ask her to have dinner with him. As they were making arrangements, bank robbers stormed in and cut their conversation short. When one of the customers attempted to halt the robbery, he was shot. As the robbers fled, Max ran to the customer’s aid. Sabrina then came forward with a bullet in her abdomen.

Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danny had been called to the scene of a Victoria’s Secret model shoot, where one of the models received a mysterious, threatening note. This investigation was cut short for McGarrett when he got a call to go to the bank.

McGarrett and company learned there was only $5,000 taken in the bank heist. Additionally, in the surveillance video footage, all the robbers’ faces were glowing and could not be identified.

At Fong’s lab, Kono learned infrared radiation was the reason for this. Fong found that infrared LEDs had been sown into the shirts of the robbers - very high tech.

Danny, working the other case, questioned the Victoria’s Secret models separately, while Kono accompanied McGarrett to visit the bank customer, Jim Rogers, at the hospital.

Jim’s ex-wife of six years and his daughter were there when the pair arrived.

They suggested that a sketch artist draw Jim’s description of the robber who shot him. Even though the robbers had worn masks, the shooter’s had fallen off in the struggle with Jim.

In the Camaro, McGarrett and Kono got a call from Chin, who told them the backpack of money from the heist had been found with all the money inside. Fong was, however, able to lift a print from it that belonged to a small-time hood named Makani Jacobs.

When McGarrett and Kono paid Jacobs a visit, they found him high on psychedelics. He was dancing in the back yard, wearing a grass skirt. In an effort to flee, he scaled the fence around his house, leaving his grass skirt in McGarrett’s hand.

Kono and McGarrett gave chase. When they caught him, McGarrett left the arrest to Kono.

Meanwhile, Fong did a handwriting analysis and found the Victoria’s Secret note came from Denise Pope, who had a history of stalking movie stars, and who had arrived on the island three days ago under an alias.

When McGarrett and Kono interrogated their suspect back at HQ, they told him they had a fingerprint on the backpack, and a gun found in his home at the time of his arrest was the same caliber used in the robbery. At first, he denied knowing anything about the robbery. Then, when McGarrett tricked him, he finally admitted to being there.

When the team compared the composite drawings from Rogers and Jacobs, the men in question looked nothing alike.

McGarrett and Kono returned to the hospital to confront Rogers about this and saw a man fitting one of the drawing descriptions leaving the hospital.
McGarrett gave chase, but the man got away. Kono told McGarrett Rogers had been strangled and was dead.

Chin was able to use the federal database to identify Martin Cordova, a mob enforcer, as the man at the hospital and the robbery.

In checking Rogers’s bank records, Chin found a $20,000 withdrawal from his account. Jacobs had told Kono and McGarrett that he had been paid $20,000 to help with the robbery. Since only $5,000 was stolen, and then left in the backpack, this was a mystery.

Max then reported to Chin, Kono, and McGarrett that he discovered on autopsy that Rogers had brain cancer and probably only had days to live.

McGarrett surmised that Rogers hired Cordova to kill him.

The scene then shifted back to Danny. Fong called him and told him he had traced Pope to The Modern, the same hotel where the Victoria’s Secret models were staying. Danny arrived just in time to save one of the models and shoot Pope in the back. At the time he arrived, Pope had a knife in her hand, about to kill the model.

Back in the Camaro, McGarrett told Kono he suspected Rogers was trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his child by staging being a hero at the bank. Just as he decided this was what was on Rogers’s mind, Chin called and told them that Cordova’s blood (taken from a broken window during his escape at the hospital) showed that he, too, had cancer.

It was discovered that both Cordova and Rogers were treated at the same hospital.

Kono and McGarrett returned to King’s Hospital and found out that Cordova was there, under an alias. Tracking him to a room, McGarrett was surprised by Cordova and forced to drive to a jungle location. There, Cordova returned McGarrett’s weapon and asked that he kill him so that he wouldn’t die a slow death.

When McGarrett refused, Cordova said he’d kill himself if McGarrett did not do the job. As he held the gun to his head, Chin, Kono, and Danny arrived on the scene. McGarrett then arrested him.

As the episode drew to an end, Max took Sabrina to the hospital cafeteria for their night out.

Danny and McGarrett took Grace to a Victoria’s Secret model fashion show. As the show ended, Danny asked McGarrett what chance he had of getting one of the models’ phone number. McGarrett said, “zero,” as the episode faded.



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