Heidi Klum celebrates Halloween late, dresses as Cleopatra

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

One month after Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast, and caused many families to cancel their Halloween parties due to power outages, Heidi Klum embraced the October holiday and dressed to kill as she has in previous years.

Donning a black wig, gold headdress and stellar makeup, Klum recreated a fantastic Cleopatra-esque costume. The former model also showed off her sexy cleavage in her stunning gold dress and covered herself in jewels to complete the look, Too Fab reports.

According to the report, Klum’s Halloween party doubled as a benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Several photos from the event were posted publicly for Klum’s nearly 1.2 million Twitter followers to enjoy. Klum retweeted a picture from Mondo Guerra, who was also at the event.

“Heidi and @lovemondotrasho dec.st haunted Halloween @projectrunway #worldaidsday,” he tweeted.

“You two looked great @amareisreal,” she tweeted Sunday morning.

The Project Runway star showed off the process of getting her makeup done and also sent out a tweet with her alongside journalist and talk-show host, Katie Couric.

“The beautiful @HeidiKlum as Cleopatra! (she had very high platforms! I was standing on a sofa!),” Couric posted.

Image: Twitter



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