How newlyweds Mario and Courtney Lopez keep their romance alive

By Marissa Willstein,

Mario Lopez and wife Courtney sure know how to keep their flame from burning out. The couple is in newlywed bliss but show no signs of letting the romance die.

During an interview with People on Friday, the lovebirds, who just got back from getting hitched in Mexico, revealed their secrets to keeping an exciting relationship. I advise everyone whether in a relationship or not to listen up!

“The most romantic thing about Mario is his spontaneity,” the newly named Mrs. Lopez explained. “He’s so spontaneous and it’s just fun to be with somebody [like that].”

According to Wetpaint, Mario built off of his wife’s statement and said “taking off for a quick trip or having little quickies here and there,” help keep them connected. “Kids and jobs and everything else gets in the way, but you can’t forget about each other.”

So what does Courtney bring to the relationship?

“The most romantic thing about my wife is the meals she cooks when I come home,” the X Factor host admitted.

Courtney then chimed in saying, “My grandma did tell me to cook for him in nothing but an apron and stilettos.”

Can you say hot, hot, hot? That grandma is one wise woman!




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