Jack White on Lady Gaga's 'artifice' music: It's 'all image with no meaning behind it'

By Gina DiFalco,

Former White Stripes musician Jack White has slammed Lady Gaga in a new interview.

White told Esquire UK’s January issue that he thinks the Born This Way singer’s music is "all image with no meaning behind it."

He added "You can't sink your teeth into it. It's a sound bite. It's very of this age, because that's what people want, E! Online reports.

White, 37, continued on to slam Gaga, saying "I don't think she lives it because it's all artifice.”

But it’s not just Gaga who White is talking about, he’s also perhaps taking a jab at Katy Perry, Ke$ha and other pop stars, musing that the "goal of modern celebrity is to make yourself into the lowest common denominator." That includes Twitter and other social media outlets today.

“I think the only people who should have [Twitter accounts] are comedians. Because it's all about one-liners," he said. "You don't want Gore Vidal telling you, 'I'm doing my dishes right now.'"

image: Esqurie



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