James Franco weighs in on Lindsay Lohan: ‘I’ve tried to help her’ (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

James Franco worked with Lindsay Lohan for R.E.M.’s “Blue” music video, which he directed. The Oscar-nominated actor talked about working with her and admitted that he has tried to reach out and help the troubled star in a new interview.

Franco spoke with MTV News about the video, which he said was filmed back in 2011, before Franco co-hosted the Oscars with Anne Hathaway. He said he has known Lohan for “a while” and said that while they were making the video, “...it seemed like she was doing OK. We'd have conversations on the phone, and she seemed like she was doing OK.”

But Franco said that he hasn’t spoken with her recently, following all her recent troubles, from allegedly punching a woman at a New York nightclub to being charged for a car crash over the summer.

“I haven't talked to her in a long time because it seemed like she was getting into some more trouble,” the Rise of the Planet of the Apes actor said. “I've tried to help her. I think one of the reasons it's so hard is when she gets in trouble, she gets all this attention and I'm sure she gets book offers.”

According to E! News, he added, “Like she goes to jail, and instead of feeling like 'I really hit a low place,' she'll get a crazy offer for her jail memoir.”

Franco will have a busy 2013, starting right away with the Sundance Film Festival. He has two projects premiering - kink and Leather Bear. He also has a small part as Hugh Hefner in Lovelace. He also told MTV that he isn’t sure about his future in the Planet of the Apes franchise, noting that he thinks he won’t end up being in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

You can check out the video for R.E.M.’s “Blue” here:



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