Jamie Foxx talks 'Django Unchained' (Video)

By Drew Barile,

Jamie Foxx recently sat down with Kareen Wynter of Showbiz Tonight to discuss the emotional aspects of slavery in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.

Foxx explained to Wynter that one particular scene was extremely emotional, and even drove director Tarantino to water at the eyes.

He told her, "One of the most interesting and tough scenes was when I had to watch my girl Kerry Washington, Broomhilda, received lashes because we ran away. And when we shot that day, everyone was sitting quiet, all the women especially…"

Foxx continues further, explaining that the film incorporates very real imagery true to the history of slavery. For example, he said to Wynter, "You were not allowed to be in love and you were not allowed to have a wife" during slavery.

He even speculates certain effects of slavery became ingrained in African-Americans and carried to generations. He told Wynter, "Which, if you look at that for 200 to 300 years of that, it becomes D.N.A."

Foxx told Wynter that the film is an emotional opening up of the ground to slavery. The full interview can be seen below:

As we previously reported, Django Unchained will be released Christmas Day.

In addition, according to MissXpose, his interview with Oprah Winfrey at the Soho House in NYC set to air December 16.



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