Jay Z explains who he is to an old woman on subway

By Drew Barile,

Jay Z recently uploaded a documentary to YouTube, chronicling his journey to his concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The video is about a half-hour, and includes the now famous subway ride that occurred in October.

In the video, Jay Z enters the subway station, swarmed by onlookers trying to get a video, picture, or even a word from the famous rapper. Despite Jay Z being surrounded by an entourage and body guards with ear pieces, he is gregarious. Jay Z eventually enters the subway and sits adjacent an old woman.

The old woman, witnessing the spectacle and chaos, asks: "Are you famous?"

Jay Z humbly and comedically replies, "yes," adding "not very famous, you don't know me." The two talked further, discussing Jay-Z's 8 shows, and his final destination, the new Brooklyn arena. The old woman commends him on riding the subway, and asking his name once more.

Jay Z replies, "Jay…Jay Z." Hysterically, the woman, with much exuberance shouts, "Oh, you're Jay Z! I know about Jay Z."

The interaction was inspiring and cute, demonstrating Jay Z is a humble celebrity. Even more astonishingly it demonstrates older folks know about Jay Z.



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