Jenna Dewan says it’s hard finding the perfect Christmas gift for Channing Tatum because ‘He sees something and he buys it’

By April Chieffo,

Jenna Dewan-Tatum hasn’t found the perfect gift for husband Channing Tatum yet.

The actress revealed to People that even though their Christmas plans are in place, she has yet to buy “The Sexiest Man Alive” a gift, which is something that turns out to be difficult every year, since he has everything.

"It gets harder and harder every year," she said. "He gets everything that he wants. He sees something and he buys it.”

She says since she's stumped on a good gift, she’s looking for ideas.

While she couldn't reveal what she got her husband for Christmas, she did reveal their holiday plans. They’ll be heading to the south to spend the holiday with Tatum’s family. They also hope to steal time away to be together while they are there.

according to what the Magic Mike actor said recently, Jenna may have more time to spend with her husband in the next year.

The actress and her husband have had a busy 2012, but for Channing, he hopes to slow down a bit in 2013. Dewan-Tatum, though, isn’t so sure he’ll follow through with that.

“He’s one of those people – he’s just like me –we read something, we get inspired and we’re like, ‘Aaaaugh! But this is such a good role! This is such a good character!’ [and then] we’ve gotta go play it. So, we’ll see. You never know,” she told Access Hollywood, adding, “It would be nice [to have more time with him], but I’m working too. Watch it be the opposite — like he’ll have time off and have to come visit me everywhere!”

Photo Credit: Channing Tatum, Twitter



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