Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal join Jimmy Fallon for ‘Who’s On First’ sequel (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s “Who’s On First” sketch is one of the most iconic bits in comedy history and is still hilarious after all these years. It’s been parodied plenty of times, but Jimmy Fallon brought together comedy royalty last night to do it again.

Fallon, in full old-time baseball gear, was joined by Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal, much to his Late Night audience’s delight. They all donned St. Louis Wolves uniforms as they tried to figure out Who’s on first, What’s on second and I don’t know’s on third.

According to CBS News, the three were joined by Fallon’s regular contributors, Steve Higgins, who played the confused fan, and A.D. Miles, who was on second.

Of course, Crystal and Seinfeld are huge baseball fans, with Crystal rooting for the Yankees and Seinfeld a dedicated Mets fan.

Seinfeld came in towards the end, earning a long applause, notes Cinemablend.

Here’s the original “Who’s On First,” from Abbott & Costello’s 1945 film The Naughty Nineties:



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