Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"Shore Shower"

This week's anticipated episode of the Jersey Shore was all about Snooki. We all know how Snooks is preggers and her man Jionni is not always around this season. The roommates all want to confront him about his absence while his pregnant fiancé is home usually by herself since she cannot not party like the rest.

Vinny contemplates going to Nicole's surprise baby shower because he feels Jionni does not like him. He also feels that Snooks will take her man's side if they were to confront each other.

The best part of the night was definitely the club scene at a new venue called Merge. While at the club, everyone is having a great time, especially Jenni who is dropping it and rips her pants, pretty funny. Then out of nowhere Angelina, is seen dancing right by the roommates. Talk about awkward. Angelina then comes over to MVP, and apologizes to them for everything she has ever done. The boys at first are not impressed but then they tell her they do not care and are over it. But instead of apologizing and leaving them be, Angelina clings to the guys totally ruining their game.

MVP has not had much luck with the ladies this episode are went home alone twice. VInny however had the best luck, when he walks home alone and finds to ladies to take home. He does not have the threesome he wants but once lady cuddles the night away with him. Later on while Jenny and Roger are sleeping in the smush room, Ronnie dresses in a gorilla suit and hilariously scares Roger.

At another night when then gang goes out, Mike js in full swing single mode since he broke up with Paula in the last episode. Paula is there though, and she looked pretty down about the whole thing. Sam and Jenni talk to her for a bit and Paula admits she is heartbroken. Once Paula decides to leave the club, she goes over to MIke to say bye, but he is taking to a girl and clearly gets annoyed that Paula is ruining his game.

The moment we have all been waiting for, the baby shower, is here. Snooki keeps asking the girls to go to the baby store but they all make excuses not to go. They already bought almost everything from the store and want Snooki to wait for her sir surprise party. When Jionni finally comes to spend time with Snooks, she also asks him to go to the baby store. Sam tells him to avoid going there and spills the details on her surprise. The day of party, the gang all are ready to surprise her. When she arrives, Snooki breaks down in tears of happiness as she is surrounded by her roommates and friends from back home. The last scene of the show, we see the anticipated confrontation between Vin and Jionni. Vin asks Jionni to go outside to talk, and the show ends on that note. We cannot wait until next week's episode.



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