Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,

"Awkward" brings us to the most anticipated episode of the season. The baby shower where things seem very awkward as, Vinny and Mike are on the outs with Jionni and have yet to confront him about the whole thing. Vinny being the good guy that he is, confront Jionni outside and apologizes to him about any joke made or comments regarding his hookup with Snooki. Jionni accepts his apology and claims that he is over what happened and wants to put the past behind him.

Mike also feels he needs to apologize to Snooki and finally, the next day goes over to Snooki's to acknowledge what he did was wrong. At first Snooki is a bit apprehensive and says it is hard to trust him. Eventually she accepts the apology and they shake hands to starting a new friendship.

Later, some of the boys decide to go tanning and here we see poor Paula. Who is clearly still in love with Mike. She gives him a note that she wrote him and gives it to him to read. When he gets home, the roommates read the letter, which is very nice and admits how much she really cares for him and basically pleads with Mike to give her another chance. Mike seems like he wants to but later at the club, she is back on his bad list.

While everyone is partying at the club, Paula mistakingly asks Mike to hold her drink. He is beyond upset because she knows he is sober now and cannot even be around alcohol. She apologizes profusely but he still seems upset. He then starts chatting up some girls and Paula is watching him and seems pretty pissed and she eventually goes home alone.

In this episode we also see Jenni confront Jionni about not being around for Snooki as much. Jionni gets a bit defensive and claims he comes as much as he can. Also the boys take Jionni out for a boys night and try to get to know him. At the boys night, Jionni sort of confronts Mike about all the smack talking he has done about Jionni and Snooki and they eventually resolve everything. Jionni forgives Mike since he did apologize to his fiancé. he eventually invites all the boys to his bachelor party.

Also in this episode, we see Snooki go to get an ultrasound and we get to see her baby boy. Some of thre roommates who are there laugh because it seems like he is giving them the middle finger in the sonogram. Also Snooki is so happy her baby boy looks like he is going to be well- endowed. Typical Snooki.

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