'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera,
"Raining Men and Meatballs"

This episode is exactly what the title says. It opens with Jenni talking to Roger about her finding out the boys took Jionni out for a guy's night. She did not expect to however be a topic of conversation. Since Jionni has not been around according to her and Snooki, the boys decided to let Jionni know. When Jenni finds out what they have told him, she decides to give Jionni a call. They have a full on confrontation about it but the call ends well it seems with Jionni saying "I love you."

Mike also confesses he was a stripper back when he was 22. The roommates egg him on to do a dance but he refuses.At Karma, Paula, is there looking her best but trying a bit too hard to impress her ex. Mike tells Paula she means a lot to him but she walks away to the bar. Mike meets a girl soon after and flirts heavily but soon she gets annoying and he send her walking. Pauly is determined to bring a girl home which he does. The roommates stick around to hear him and his girl "smushing." They all make fun of how loud they were.

Snooki is back and holding meatball auditions with Deena. They hilariously try to find meatballs who will drink four shots straight without throwing up and who will do a body shot with a random old man with a mustache. They find meatballs and decide to bring them home and now there are drunk meatballs walking around the house.

Sam and Ron go on a date and discuss where they discuss kids and have a romantic mini-golfing date.

Everyone even the extra meatballs go to club Merge but some of them are pissed that the tagalong grenade new meatballs came too. At Merge it is a sick amazing dance party and the crew have one last crazy hurrah Shore style of course.

When Sunday arrives, it's the last dinner they will have as a family. Sam cooks and everyone seems to have a good time and then Mike drops a bombshell. He will strip after dinner. Jenni is the good sport and sits in a chair while handcuffed while bubbles and music and the gang watch in laughter. Pretty priceless moment in the shows' history..you just have to see it for yourself.



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