Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"The Icing On The Cake"

The finale episode was bittersweet and pretty mellow. The episode starts with the gang getting ready to throw a beach bonfire party with all their family and friends from back home. The party is a success and everyone seems to be having a great time. At the party, Sam has a serious talk with her parents about her and Ron's relationship. She tells them that they will be moving in together and taking the next step. Her parents seem apprehensive but only because of the crazy history between the couple. Ron's dad seems to be a bit nervous too but mainly because he feels that his son is young and needs to have fun.

The next day however Ron and Sam have a fight where they both threaten to break-up with each other. The fight was primarily Vinny and Pauy's fault because they were trying to get Sam back in the prank wars. They decided to take Ron's bed and put it on the roof but they mistakenly rip a hole in the bed and since it is inflatable...you can guess the rest. So Ron ends up blaming Sam since it was she who started the prank war and in turn it affected Ron. They made up and decided to get over the petty issue..growing up perhaps?

Later on Sam and Jenni decide to hit up the tanning salon but are afraid to see Paula. She is not there but she left a present for Mike since it's his birthday. The girls take the cakes and card to Mike. They joke that the cake might be poisonous since Mike has really messed with Paula's head and everyone wonders why Paula would even give him anything. Sam and the girls begin to prepare a dessert feast for MIke and Pauly who have back to back birthdays and they celebrate with cakes and cookies and fireworks since it's the Fourth of July.

When the group goes back to the tanning salon, one of Paula's friends asks Sam if she ate the cake. Sam says she did not but why did she ask. Her friend then shows her a picture of what happened to the cake before Mike and Pauly helped themselves to a big piece. Paula may be the Queen of the pranks wars because she allegedly had a male friend of hers tee-bag the cake. Gross. When the roommates return to tell Mike and Pauly what happened, they are super pissed and even Deena overhears and admits she had a piece also. Mike calls Paula to see if she will confess but instead she pretend she cannot hear him and Mike angrily smashes the duck phone. R.I.P.

The next day is the gangs last day at work it's pretty sad and Danny is also sad to let them go but happy to not have Mike the lazy worker anymore. The gang have one last reminisce on the rooftop and discuss how their first impressions of each other changed so much now that they are family. Moving day comes and it is a sad day for the roommates. They all start crying and look back at the empty house one last time. They all drive away in tears and even some of the guys like Mike get emotional. Goodbye and so long!



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