John Krasinski attributes role in 'The Office' to meeting his wife Emily Blunt (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

The Office star John Krasinski is paying tribute to the hit series, thanking the show for leading him to his wife, The Devil Wears Prada actress, Emily Blunt.

According to Us Weekly, Krasinski admits that he nearly quit acting nine years ago - but only stayed in because his mother told him it would be best for him to hang out and see what he could make of himself.

He explained to Matt Lauer on the Today show, “It's a little bit of an existential crisis after a while, because I wouldn't have met my wife [Emily Blunt], I wouldn't have been out in L.A.," he said. "Truly, when I say the show has given me everything, it's given me everything."

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The handsome actor has taken on other roles in It’s Complicated, Nobody Walks and Something Borrowed, among many others. Now that The Office is coming to an end, fans can see Krasinski in Promised Land, which Krasinski both writes and stars in alongside Matt Damon.



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