John Slattery to direct two 'Mad Men' episodes

By Meaghan Fleming,

Actor John Slattery is set to direct two episodes of the AMC drama Mad Men in season 6.

Slattery plays Roger Sterling on the show according to The Hollywood Reporter. Slattery has directed three previous episodes of the show. His first episode will begin shooting in February. Director Matthew Weiner says Jon Hamm will also direct at some point.

Slattery tells THR directing an episode “takes a lot more time” than acting in an episode.

"You have a hand in the whole thing, and each one takes about a month, from a directorial standpoint,” Slattery said. “From the time you get the script to the time you turn your cut in, it’s a month. And it’s a long month."

Slattery told recently Entertainment Weekly he feels Mad Men has brilliant writing, which is great for him as an actor.

“I like good writing. That’s all that actors have to rely on,” Slattery stated. “There’s nothing harder than being in a scene with no context, and rely on being charming.”

Mad Me is as good as it gets, in my opinion,” he continues. “There’s a lot of good television out there, and movies too, and I think they’re only getting better.”



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