John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John release video for Christmas album (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Yes, this is real. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have reunited to explain what happened to Danny and Sandy after Grease ended in a video for their Christmas album, This Christmas.

The video was posted Wednesday and is for the track “I Think You Might Like It,” a ‘sequel’ to the Grease hit “You’re The One That I Want,” notes Entertainment Weekly. Although it only has 320 views, it actually has 400 dislikes from YouTube users.

Travolta and Newton-John announced the album in October and it has been out since Nov. 13. Other music icons joined them, including Tony Bennett, James Taylor, Kenny G and Barbra Streisand. Proceeds for the album go to charities, including Travolta’s Jett Travolta Foundation, named in memory of his late son.

According to People, the video was filmed in Ocala, Florida, where Travolta lives and you can also spot his wife, Kelly Preston. Their children, Ella Bleu, 12, and Benjamin, 2, also make appearances.

You can check out the full video below. Let us know if you think it’s as bad as we do.



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