Jon Stewart reveals he almost quit 'Daily Show' in 1999 due to 'insane' staff

By Gina DiFalco,

Jon Stewart revealed at a speaking engagement at the Montclair Film Festival with Stephen Colbert that he actually almost quit his show The Daily Show.

Most of the staff was the same as the previous host, Craig Kilborn, and he wasn’t too fond of them.

So in 1999, a mere few months after taking over The Daily Show, Stewart explained, “What I did not realize is, a lot of the people who worked there were a--holes," Complex reports.

He also explained to the crowd that he had some conversations with executives about changing up the show, but he was told that the jokes couldn’t be changed. As a result, he said he called his agent and said “get me the f--- out of this. These people are insane.”

Eventually it all worked out, as we know now that Stewart is still there. Salon reports that he did admit that it took “about two and a half years for the ‘natural winnowing process’ to leave him with a fully supportive staff.”

He says he ended up having to “be talked down from a moderately high cliff” in order to stay.



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