'Justice League' movie villain revealed?

By Matthew Dougherty,

As of now, very little is known about the upcoming Justice League movie, but that all changes with the possible reveal of the film’s chief antagonist, Darkseid.

According to Latino Review, the DC villain mainly associated with Superman will face off against the Justice League in their 2015 debut to the big screen.

Warner Bros, the studio that produces all films based on DC comics, has released very little information about this clear response to the success seen last summer with Marvel’s superhero team up The Avengers.

ComingSoon.net says that Darkseid first appeared in 1970 in the comics and has a god-like status in continuity.

Apparently, a script for Justice League is out there, written by Gangster Squad screenwriter Will Beall.

The status of the upcoming film Man of Steel, as well as the critically panned Green Lantern, and their connections to the superhero team up film are as of now unclear.

Rumors swirled last week that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would reprise his role from The Dark Knight Rises and play Batman in Justice League. However, those rumors have since been debunked.

Justice League is set for release in 2015, alongside The Avengers 2.



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