'Brady Brunch' actress, Ann B. Davis, dies at 88

By Kristen Spicker,

The actress who played Alice on The Brady Bunch, Ann B. Davis, died Sunday, June 1.

Why there can never be a full comic book movie crossover film (Opinion)

By Kristen Spicker,

Fans recently took to a variety of social media outlets when news broke about an X-Men: Days of Future Past clip being shown at the end credits of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2. The scene features Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Mystique in the X-Men universe. Why did this cause fans to lose their minds across the world? Sony owns the character rights to Spider-Man and Fox owns the rights to the X-Men franchise.

'Oculus' Review

By Kristen Spicker,
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3.5 Stars

The horror genre is an interesting one because of its ability to create films that deal with the supernatural; the purpose of these films is to scare and shock you. The latest film in the horror genre to attempt to do this is Oculus, which deals with the idea of a supernatural phenomenon causing people to do horrible things.

The film focuses on two siblings Kaylie and Tim Russell as they try to discover if a mirror was responsible for causing their parents to lose their grip on reality and do terrible things. One of the key elements of the film is the way it blends reality and imagination so we are not sure what is real and what isn’t, the same problem that is affecting the characters throughout the film.

Another element of the film that really impressed me was the way the film uses two different time periods. The film focuses on the present when Kaylie and Tim are 24 and 21 years old trying to discover the truth and it jumps between the past when they were 13 and 10 years old. The film does an excellent job in blending the two time periods and really makes you wonder what is reality and what is imagination. I even caught myself wondering what was actually reality and what they thought they were seeing.

The way that the film focuses on two major plots and how they are told in flashbacks really kept me interested throughout the film. I was a little skeptical before seeing the film about the idea of an antique mirror being the antagonist for the film, but after seeing the film I was impressed with how this movie held my attention. The film also delivers the usual scares but they do not come across as predictable and cheesy. The entire film has a very creepy feeling and it makes the film unpredictable and you are not exactly sure what is going to happen next.

I won’t give too much away about the film because I think it is worth watching, especially if you a are fan of horror and thriller movies. The film has been positively reviewed by critics so far as it has a 71% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film also had a solid opening weekend taking in $12 million at the box office. Oculus is the perfect film if you are in the mood for a movie that delivers some good scares and an interesting story that keeps you guessing until the very end.

Top 10 Moments from Grey's Anatomy episode 'I'm Winning'

By Kristen Spicker,

Another week, another great Grey’s Anatomy episode chock-full of top moments. “I’m Winning” had the surgeons dealing with the announcement of Cristina Yang’s Harper Avery nomination and all the stress and excitement that comes with it. All of a sudden, Cristina’s name pulls strings – she can get the FDA to change a policy, she can convince a research group to hand over their data, she can do just about anything. The downside of her nomination is how the rest of the staff reacts.

Top 10 Lady Gaga videos

By Kristen Spicker,

Lady Gaga took the music scene by storm in 2008 with the release of her single, “Pokerface.” Since then, she has constantly surprised fans and spectators alike with her symbolic videos and her interesting choice of fashion. In November of 2013, Gaga released her third full-length studio album, Artpop. “Applause” led the album as the first single. The second single, “Do What U Want,” was surprisingly successful mostly because it was unlike any other Lady Gaga single. The video was only given a week to be created and shot, which put the pop superstar under tremendous pressure.

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'We Gotta Get Out of This Place'

By Kristen Spicker,

This week on Grey’s Anatomy: Jackson and April have to face one more person who was hurt by their actions – Avery's mother, Derek and Callie are in a legal dispute, and Dr. Webber has a birthday he will never forget.

Oil slicks suggest that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed

By Kristen Spicker,

The Vietnamese Air Force has located two large slicks of oil that suggests the Malaysian aircraft that went missing Saturday has sunk in the ocean.

Top 10 Oscar's hosts

By Kristen Spicker,

Today’s the day! The 86th annual Academy Awards airs tonight on ABC. Tonight, we will find out if Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar, who is wearing what and what Ellen DeGeneres has in store for viewers as the host of the prestigious show.

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