Katt Williams arrested for child endangerment, spends night in jail

By Daniel S Levine,

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested Friday morning in Los Angeles for child endangerment.

Police told E! News that Williams was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment. He was being held on $100,000 bail.

Although most of the details were kept confidential, law enforcement sources told TMZ that L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services had completed an investigation of his home. They allegedly found guns and illegal drugs, which it deemed a danger to his four children.

Authorities placed the children in protective custody and the DA could take the case as early as next week.

When Williams left the prison, he spoke with TMZ, telling the cameraman, “How do you keep kids safe without guns?”

He claimed that his guns were in a locked box and secure. “If the police come in and raid my place and break into my gun boxes, you're gonna find guns! I'm not in a gang, what difference does it make?” he told the site. He did admit to having weed in the house, but said, “Weed is not a drug.”

Williams has had a difficult year. Before his arrest, it was reported that he owes the IRS $4 million. He will also be in court next month for slapping a Target employee in the face.



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