Katt Williams defends slapping Target employee

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Comedian Katt Williams has been known more for his arrests that his stand-up performances as of late.

Williams was arrested last month after being involved in a physical altercation. He was previously arrested in October for pulling a gun on Couples Retreat actor Faizon Love, allegedly over money.

He was also arrested for slapping a Target employee, which he is now defending.

According to MTV, Williams defended the slapping during his performance at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. He states that he slapped the employee after he called him a “pu**y ni***r.”

“Your assistant is already suing you, you pu**y ass ni****r,” the employee allegedly said. Williams said he was baffled at the use of the racial slur (which he reportedly uses all of the time), that his response was to hit him.

Other arrests include one in November when he reportedly performed by stripping down naked and threatened to fight audience members. Those in attendance responded with a lawsuit .

Williams was arrested earlier this month after flicking a cigarette at a woman that reportedly struck her in the eye; according to Williams these are just a handful of a many, many arrests.

“I been arrested 36 times in five years, but I never been in court, you figure it out. I don't care what they say. What they say, they love me so how could I give a f--k what they say otherwise?" he told Hip Hop Wire during an interview.



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