Kevin Federline’s brother’s suit against Britney Spears was a hoax

By Daniel S Levine,

If the story about Kevin Federline’s brother claiming to be the father of Britney Spears’ oldest son sounded a little far-fetched, it’s because it wasn’t true. The whole thing turned out to be a hoax.

The National Enquirer and Radar Online both published a story claiming that Federline’s brother, Christopher, filed for a restraining order against Spears in Tampa. Christopher claimed that Spears had stolen from her and if he went to the police, she would tell the world that he was really Sean Preston’s father, not her ex-husband, according to the documents. He admits that he slept with Spears and that he was the father in these documents.

However, the story is a complete hoax. The Smoking Gun revealed that Jonathan Lee Riches, who masqueraded as Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza’s uncle after the tragedy and was busted by federal agents, was behind it. He has also filed hundreds of fake Hollywood lawsuits, including one involving Justin Bieber that was picked up by TMZ, all while he was imprisoned. The Federline suit was just the latest.

“Chris wouldn't resort to trying to get money like this. Even if it were true. He has a good job, despite the document that says he's unemployed,” one source told Us Weekly.

Diane Story, Federline’s aunt, also told Celebuzz that “We pity the hoaxter for believing they could get by such a crazy story and for also believing,they could damage the reputation of America’s pop princess.”



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