Lamb of God lead singer Randy Blythe indicted for manslaughter for 2010 death of a fan

By Gina DiFalco,

Randy Blythe, frontman from heavy metal group Lamb of God, has been indicted for manslaughter for the death of a fan.

Czech news website Novinky.cz first reported that Blythe was charged in the Czech Republic for a fan’s death at the band’s concert in 2010 in Prague.

According to CBS News, a manager for Lamb of God has confirmed that Blythe has been indicted with the charges. The Czech court has three months to bring the case to trial or it will have to be reviewed for further investigation.

Blythe, 41, has been accused of throwing a fan off of the stage during their concert and after experiencing head injuries, the fan died.

As we previously reported over the summer, Blythe was released from a Prague jail after posting a $400,000 bail.

He has said about the fateful incident “I remember very few details about the show, mainly because I have played a lot of concerts [before and after the gig in question].”

“In any case, I did not attack anyone. The only way I could have come into contact with anyone from the audience was if I was protecting myself from [people bumping into me when climbing on the stage].”



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