Lena Dunham fights Gawker over publishing leaked book proposal

By Daniel S Levine,

Gawker has another fight on its hands with a celebrity. The site published Lena Dunham’s entire book proposal, which earned her a $3.7 million payday from Random House. The Girls writer/creator/star’s lawyer requested that the site remove the proposal, which it agreed to do. However, the site still has several sentences from the proposal still up.

Last week, the site published the 26-year-old’s 66-page proposal for the book, which Random House picked up in October. The complete proposal was replaced by single quotes from the proposal, with each followed by the statement, “Lena Dunham's personal litigation counsel Charles Harder has contacted Gawker to relay a demand from his client, Lena Dunham, that we remove the above quote from our web site.”

However, Gawker writer John Cook added his own commentary to each sentence. For example, Cook picked the sentence “I've been in therapy since I was seven.” from her proposal. He then wrote, “The quoted sentence is revelatory of Dunham's character in that it provides evidence that she has been examining her own thoughts and desires analytically from an absurdly young age. It is also indicative of a nauseating and cloying precociousness that permeates the entire proposal.”

Deadline reported on Monday that Dunham now wants those 12 sentences down as well. A source told Deadline that Random House has not complained to Gawker and only Dunham is trying to get them removed.

As of Tuesday, the sentences and Cook’s commentary are still up.

Dunham’s book is still without a publishing date, although HBO has set the season two premiere of Girls for Jan. 13.

Gawker is the same site that made headlines earlier in the year for leaking an excerpt of Hulk Hogan's sex tape.



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