Lindsay Lohan sends 'thank you' flowers to Charlie Sheen

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Charlie Sheen may not have received a "Thank You" text from Scary Movie 5 costar Lindsay Lohan after he cut her a large check, but the actress has since made up for that by sending him flowers.

Sheen admitted to not getting a thank you from the troubled actress after he sent her a check for $100,000 to help with her large IRS debt.

However, Lohan has since redeemed herself by sending a bouquet of “Thank You” flowers, stating that she forgot the Anger Management actor's number, and that’s why she never sent him a text, TMZ reports.

According to the report, Lohan’s gesture of flowers was both a “Thank You” and an “I’m Sorry” for appearing ungrateful when the former troubled actor was so generous.

Lohan’s legal and financial troubles are at the center of many reports lately. Since revealing the possibility of losing her storage locker, New York City Score’s strip club offered Lohan a video chat job on Scoreslive.com where they will exchange her work for the payment on her storage unit as well as a few month’s rent.

Lohan has not yet responded to the job offer.



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