Mandy Patinkin shows Stephen Colbert who's boss

By Ryan Roschke,

Mandy Patinkin, one of the lead actors in the wildly successful Showtime series Homeland, made a powerful appearance on The Colbert Report last Wednesday. Stephen Colbert, a man known to toe the line between jokes and serious political issues, really tried to push Patinkin's buttons, and the answers he got might have taken him by surprise.

The interview itself began innocently enough, Colbert grilled Patinkin for details about his beard, asking, "Did you grow the beard for the part? Or did you say, 'I got the beard... I'm just gonna go with it'"? Patinkin entertained Colbert's playful questions, letting him know that it takes "Eight to ten weeks to get it up to speed."

The tone of the interview, though, changed when Colbert questioned about Patinkin about terrorism. When asked if he would have waged war against Saddam Hussein, Patinkin said he wouldn't.

When pressed for more details, he said, "I would go to war with words, not with weapons... I would die talking before I lifted a weapon." He also stated how he thinks we can achieve peace in the Middle East. "Two individuals who have a belief, and who can talk to a group of other individuals, and get people to start changing their mind. It's not a magic trick."

The audience erupted into applause, and Colbert had a moment of silence to sit and consider what Patinkin had said. He adjusted his glasses, and appeared to have lost his sassy, snarky character for a couple seconds.

check out the full interview below.



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