Mark Cuban thought fine on Spurs was ok

By Jassum Gloster,

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, believed that the NBA was definitely correct to fine the San Antonio Spurs. Having worked on television himself, he considered protecting relationships with partners in national television, a top priority for the NBA.

In an interview before Cuban’s team beat the Detroit Pistons, he gave some perspective what he thought about the fine. According to ESPN, Cuban said, "look, I respect the Spurs, Pop is the best coach in the league. I understand why he did it. I might even take the fine if it was us, but I understand why the league (fined the Spurs). It maybe should have even been higher, because the amount at stake is enormous."

Cuban thinks that the television partners drive in a high amount of money for the NBA, so abusive that relationship could cause them to lose money. That’s why he agrees that the NBA did the right thing.

Things might have turned out differently if the game wasn’t on national television. FOX Sports West reports that Cuban said in reference to a change in outcome, “my opinion is, if it wasn't a Thursday night TV game, nothing would have happened."



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