Milkshake promoter denies reports of Bahrain Kim Kardashian protests (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

While there have been reports of protests in Bahrain for Kim Kardashian, a promoter for Millions of Milkshakes has denied those reports, tweeting that the people there love the reality TV star.

Kardashian arrived in the Middle East last week, first visiting Kuwait before arriving in Bahrain. The trip was pre-planned to promote new Millions of Milkshakes stores in the two countries, but Kardashian also took time to learn about the region. She met with the US ambassador to Kuwait during the trip.

There were local reports over the weekend that there were protests in Bahrain, reports The New York Daily News. Nearly 100 Sunni Salafists were protesting with banners at the The Walk Bahrain after a member of parliament called her “an actress with an extremely bad reputation.”

According to CNN, though, Millions of Milkshakes promoter Sheeraz Hasan denied that there were any protests. “WHAT PROTESTS?? Kim Kardashian loved by the people of Bahrain & wants to return!!” he tweeted with a link to a video.

On her Twitter page, Kardashian has been keeping fans up to date on the trip, writing, “Thanks @sheerazhasan and Paresh A Shah for an amazing trip to The Kingdom of Bahrain and Kuwait. We did it!!!”

She arrived back in the US on Sunday, tweeting about her long plane ride and sharing a photo of a rainbow.



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